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Monday, December 26, 2011

Gift 12

It looks like Gift 11 was not the last gift. Maybe AJ will give us gifts until new years (December 31st - January 1st)


  1. Hopefully you're right. First comment! I think. XD
    ~Mighty Toughmaster

  2. Gems again?!?!?!
    P.S. Maybe I can buy something worth 500 Gems. But it is very easy to get 500 gems in Fruit Slinger.

  3. I agree with Mighty.


  4. I think it would be cool if AJ HQ Gave out a den for new years! You know... So non members can get a new den for once? That would be so nice!
    (Yes I am a member but I know how badly some non members want new dens, items, etc.)

  5. maybe itz cuz of 12 dayz of christmas


  6. On the twelfth day of Christmas,
    AJ gave to me......
    500 gems in a box!

    That my guess.

  7. OMG that would be awesome if we got a den like the new year jam den :D

  8. I went on today and got another gift. You don't have to publish this. Just telling that now there have been 13 gifts.

  9. I think you're absolutely right. Because of all the other celebrations like kwanza and More. So it wouldnt be fair for AJ not to celebrate those. And them what do u know it's new years!!!! That's just my opinion and supporting backup for witchhatbunny's. Happy jamaalidays!!!!

  10. Money money money.. And I'm Fyris, the one that ya were kinda mean to remember? :/ Anyways. See ya.

  11. Err, I'm not mean to people... You probably ran into an impostor of mine. And sorry, I honestly don't know who you are...


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