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Friday, December 9, 2011


(This post contains a lot of pictures, so it might make your computer a bit slower.)

When I logged in to AJ this morning, to my surprise, I had the "walk on walls" glitch again. This first happened to me in mid-February. Basically, the glitch allows you to walk in places that you normally can't walk to, like walls, rocks, trees, or the sky. The glitch can be annoying sometimes, but it also can be pretty fun. Though, when I was exploring, I kept on getting asked...

How do you do the glitch?
There really is no real way to do this glitch. It just happens sometimes on some computers that don't work properly.
When you log in, everything seems normal. When you go to another land, your animal will be on the top left corner of the screen. You can't walk on normal ground. And in buildings or dens, the glitch has no effect.

I took several pictures of the experience.

Here is what it looked like when the glitch started in Jamaa Township.

Notice the dark line on the top.

I could walk under the mis-matched tree.

On the roof of Jam Mart Clothing.

Mt. Shiveer, by the hot spring.

By the window of Epic Wonders.

On a tree in Appondale, where I met Spino11.

On a gingerbread house.

On the closed door in the Lost Temple of Zios.

Under a rock in Appondale.

After randomly exploring for a while, I decided to try some tests with the oceans. I tried going to the ocean and leaving, switching to sea animals on land, and other stuff.

My chat bar looked like its underwater theme. Also look at my seal's picture.

I tried switching animals, and the screen looked like this:
And yes, I know all of my animals look terrible... I'll work on that later.

My seal's picture is a bunny with a weird pattern.

After coming out of the ocean, I still was able to do the ocean actions.

If I clicked one, my bunny would just do normal land actions (sit, sleep, dance, etc.)

Here is what each one did:

Dance = Dance
Dive = Sleep
Swirl = Hop
Play = Play
Pose Left = Sit NW
Pose Right = Sit SW

After a while, I somehow got in to an all blue room. There was no music at all. Unfortunately, my switch animal screen was stuck. I couldn't X out of it or choose an animal, so this is the best picture I could get. Look at the top of the picture:

And that's all the pictures I got. I also got a good picture of the detail on the gingerbread houses:

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about this glitch.


  1. Cool, are there any other glitches like that you know? :)

  2. That's cool.

  3. Wow! What silly glitches! I can't do any of those glitches because I have a good computer. When did all of these weird glitches happen? Great observations WitchHatBunny! Keep up the good work!
    P.S. You seriously need a break. You work too hard!

  4. Coolio, never got that glitch to me however...

  5. Snowflake SpiritstarDecember 9, 2011 at 7:28 PM

    The going on top of Jam Mart Clothing is NOT a glitch.


  6. THT HAPPENS TO ME LIKE CRAZY ITS ANOYYYYYYYING but its also kinda fun did u know theres a big stone elaphant on top of the temple of triva tht was there before elaphants come so thts it bye!

  7. I have had this glitch a lot over the year, and after going inside buildings a few times while in this glitch, it sometimes goes away. Weird, right?


  8. psnr123-
    Actually it is. You can't get on the roof anymore unless you have this glitch. D:

  9. i have been having that glitch allot it's pretty weird but super cool


  10. I've had that glitch at least 10 times before. :3 But I never found out how to get onto the houses! Which way do you have to go to get onto the houses in Jamaa Township?

  11. Darkbraken-

    Warning: This comment may contain terrible explanations. :P

    Well, first you have to zoom in a few times and walk off the screen to the left and go down.

  12. i cant do the glitch because my laptop like 2 months old so it wont work which is good and bad lol

  13. This is nothing about the topic, but how do you have that animal picture besde your name!!!! Oh and I'm learning German. Ich heiBen Cesalia. Tu bist WitchHatBunny. Translation: My name is Cesalia. You are WitchHatBunny.

  14. thats cool my friend had that glitch once....

  15. WitchHatBunny, I just saw you on the Calle server. I told you I loved your blog but you just ignored me... why? I was on my backup acct btw. I had wings and tiara and lilac heart pattern. Not to whine, but I felt snobbed :(

  16. Anonymous-
    Well, I only go on the Aldan server, so it must have been an impostor...

  17. WitchHatBunny I saw you two days ago and I tried to add you and I think your a really nice person so I wanted to add you and you didn't accept but thats ok :/ and im a member with a lion.


  18. kitens3-
    Sorry but my buddy list is full! I need to update this page, but... http://animaljamflash.blogspot.com/p/about.html

  19. hi witch hat bunny!!
    the same thing happened to me, and I loved it! so cool, the graphics above the regular scenes, like there is a huge elephant on top of the trivia game in Zion; I took pics too! Amazing, but like you when I tried to switch animals, I lost this amazing ability! thanks bunny for all the insights you fill us in on!

  20. Aw cool! PS I'm in the chat room a lot if you wanna meet me im warriorcatloverlovestimburton with a SMILEY FACE Luv ya witchhatbunny

  21. Yay norty's meh buddeh PS it says 'publish' instead of 'post' LOL

  22. That happened to me yesterday! It was fun until I accidentally pressed the 'X'

  23. Hey Mayksufi! I found out a really cool secret about the gingerbread house! you but regular wallpaper or use one you already have in a gingerbread house and it candy-fies it! try it! if you see my den (I'm ella556) i have that rare flooring that is pink with the flowers and the vine? well i put it in my den and the flower turned to peppermint and the vine turned to chocolate! it works with any wallpaper/floors! please post this and give credit!

  24. sorry i called you Mayksufi im so used to calling you that! :)

  25. Sorry Empress Vinelilly, but it says that in the newspaper. I could post about it, but I don't know.

  26. hey just saying one quick thing! in the 1st pic u took of a glitch there is a river behind the thing. maybe there will be a new land and there will be rivers! see yas


  27. It does? aw.

  28. May- (about Empress Vinelilly)
    It DID!? When?!

  29. I've had the floating in air glitch. Only a few notice me screaming,"HEY! HELP ME!" XD I know that they can't help me, I just want to get down!

  30. :O Ive always wanted that floor.... NOW I WANT FLOWER FLOOR EVEN MORE!

    -warriorcatlover(loves tim burton!:))

  31. While on the topic of glitches, anyone know GuideKit the AJ worker? You know how you can't search guides? Well try searching GuideKit!!! His player tag will show up AND you can actually go to his den! There's nothing in it but a claw machine but it's still cool to go in a Guide's den so, ENJOY!

    Everyone's friend, -Wselfwulf

  32. glitches rare cool but sometimes they are just please weird XD

  33. Wow thats really awesome :D Awesome Glitches. I have to try them.
    Hey may i made a blog but i can't figure out how to put pictures on it.


  34. that is so cool! I wish I could do that


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