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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jamaaliday Part 2

New stuff is here in Jamaa! You can get cool stuff like reindeer antlers, moose antlers, lit palm trees, and more!

First of all, when you log in every day, instead of the Daily Gem Bonus, you get a special present!

Which ever gift you choose, you will get this:

You can recycle it for 1 gem, but I don't know why you would want to do that...

AJ will be selling Animal Jam Shirts soon!

There is also a new feature - special parties!

Click this icon (you can find it between the journey book and gems icons on the top left corner) to open this menu:

More info on the party stuff in a future post.

Now for the items rundown.

In Jam Mart Clothing...

Hat & Beard and Reindeer Masks! Each has new colors!

In Jam Mart Furniture...

...That's not chocolate! It's actually Reindeer Poop... :|

In the Animal Museum...

Lit trees from last year!

In the Chamber of Knowledge...

Pest Control game for your den!

In the Music Shop...

Crystal Sands music for your den!

In the Hot Cocoa Hut...

Beta Antlers and new Faerie Wings from Best Dressed! Didn't I tell you that those wings would come out eventually? ;)

In Bahari Bargains...

New underwater crowns! And both of them are for EVERYONE!

In Sunken Treasures...

The Plug of the Ocean! Watch out or you might just drain all of the ocean's water...

Also, horses are "coming soon"...

I knew the new animal would be a horse! That one horse has a bunch of Freedom items...

There is also a new Jam a Gram! This Jam a Gram is actually animated.

And finally, you can now choose your pet's accessories! Just go into the pet shop in Appondale and find this:

Click the game icon to begin.

What do you enjoy the most out of this update?


  1. Rlly awesome. PS All the items are snowflake rugs... or atleast all of the gifts i opened (six) I really wnat cuffs and tophats to comeback! PS I still have my lit palm tree from last year.... :)

  2. PS the parties are pretty epic.. :)

    warriorcatlover(is too lazy to write my profile thingy) XD

  3. I thought it was coal.... :| NEVERMIND! Not the BEST influence on kids.... :|

  4. Right now, AJ is offline. I like every update! Especially the party one!

  5. Can you please help me?I'm trying to log on,but all it shows is a black screen! :( I tried every thing!

  6. I KNEW it was horses! I think they will be members only tho. :(

  7. YES FIRST COMMENT! (not this one another one) YESSSH!

  8. my favorite is the items for the pet! but the new eyes for the dog looks like lps a little.... dont u agree?


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