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Thursday, December 1, 2011


The Jamaaliday celebration is here! This year, AJ has a lot of new stuff and some old stuff. Let's begin with the items. In Jam Mart Clothing...

Elf Hats and Bows! Bows have been really popular lately.

In the Hot Cocoa Hut...

Snowman Masks and Wreaths are back! Also, all of these clothing items have new colors.

In Jam Mart Furniture...

Tons of new den items! In the Chamber of Knowledge...

A new River Race game machine! Also great for parties.

In Bahari Bargains...

That gingerbread man sticks on your ocean animal's back.

In the under water den shop...
I like that under water bonsai.

There is also a new shop in Coral Canyons. It isn't Coral Corners though. It's called Epic Wonders.

The stuff here are den items. They are very expensive too...

And finally, in the music shop...

Coral Canyons music!

And don't forget to play Fruit Slinger for 2x gems.

More stuff will be posted in another post.


  1. Everyone please visit my den. I spent over 25,000 gems on it.
    P.S. I will be quiting in Summer 2012.

    1. Your den is really cool Were did you get all the money?

    2. Cocoverstraelen2277April 13, 2012 at 7:26 PM

      YOUR QUITTING??????? No dude!!!! We all will miss ya!!!! D:


  2. I like all updates except the update about the rares coming back.

  3. 2x Gems on Fruit Slinger! IT'S A DREAM COME TRUE! If only it would travel to Best Dressed...

  4. Did you know that in the Gingerbread member gift, there is a choclate pool! What an amazing discovery I made.

  5. Wow... 6,000 gems for a small red car ^_^

  6. BTW You can also get the reindeer in front of the medical center. Thanks! P.S. My user on AJ Is Koalabieber101 Bye!

  7. @tech66- Your den is so awesome!!! You have like 6 red cars, the rare black wolf giant plush, the feast table, the spaceship command game, and the cake bake oven/counter thing! Awesome!!!

  8. @Lol2014
    The red car is actully HUGE....


  9. Hi! You have a very interesting username WITCHHATBUNNY. I think i've seen you around in jamma. My username is isabelle1130!

  10. Hey witchhatbunny even though your not my friend i still read your blog and i think your a nice caring person love you blog your so awesome! My user is alex7bella9


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