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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Membership Gift Card Update

This is my 200th post!

Sorry for not posting in a few days, I'm sure you know why I haven't posted though. It's nothing big, but there is finally something.

Yes, AJ Gift Cards are already out, but now there are available at more places. Now you can get them in Toys"R"Us®! Although AJ already said they were available in Toys R Us, most Toys R Us stores didn't actually sell them.

Again, it's not anything big, but at least it is news. :P

And let's clear some things up:

• AJ Card codes only work once - once you use it, no one can use it again

And well, that's it I guess...

How to use AJ Gift Cards
Find out where to get AJ Gift Cards

Note: My friend Spino11 lost her blog, so please see her new blog:
Click here


  1. Note to Spino11:
    Sorry, I couldn't find your blog...

  2. Cool but I already have a lion its so much fun except ppl keep asking me for the code but you can only use the card once. 3rd Comment!


  3. Hi mayksufi and ai have a song i would like to sing.. Its kinda awkward tho. HAPPY 200th BIRTHDAY DEAR BLOG HAPPY 200th BIRTHDAY DEAR BLOG ITS ALL THANKS TO WITCHHATBUNNY! HAPPY 200th BIRTHDAY DEAR BLOG! (PS in my book, a post = one year sorry if that made no sense but i gotta congradulate witchhatbunny!) Its a wonderful blog. now i have 200 wonderful posts to read thanks so much for making this blog and entertaining us with it. :) Ive had a lion sense the week they came out

  4. That actually is kinda pretty big. And your right, it is news. :P
    Oh, also, I was wondering if your friends list is full. :P
    And no, I don't know why you haven't posted in a few days. :P

  5. How did Spino11 lose their blog?

  6. I got that email too. Spino's new blog is called Animal Jam Firework. I was the 24th viewer on Spino's blog! This is the link to her blog.

  7. It hurts to see what I worked hard on isn't appreciated... http://animaljamflash.blogspot.com/p/about.html

  8. Witch hat bunny, I appreciate all your hard work you put in this blog other people should to!

    btw you havent replyed to the email i sent you and you probaly wont reply to this either but all well.



  9. Awesome! I've been frantically checking a Toy "R" Us near me, my parents got tired of driving me lol!

  10. Thanks WitchHatBunny!
    I'll send you something to say thanks :3

  11. They had them at the Toys "R" Us near me but they got sold out! :(
    Hopefully they get a new shipment!

  12. Happy 200th post Mayksufi! Happy 200th post Mayksufi! It's your 200th post... so Happy 200th po-o-ost.. Happy 200th post Mayksufi!

    Hope you like this song! And a story related to you to show I appreciate this blog! Keep up the good work!

    The story of how Mt. Shiveer was made.
    By your friend and viewer, s80me.

    One day a bunny named Blossom Berryflower, more commonly known as Mayksufi, was enjoying the summer sunshine. It was hot and almost everyone wanted to cool of in the water at Crystal Sands. But Blossom Berryflower couldn't get to Crystal Sands because it was full. Every other Jammer except her friend Spino11 and her friend Laughing Prettycat (that's me!) was at Crystal Sands. So Blossom, Spino, and Laughing Prettycat searched for a cool place. Then they went to Sarepia Forest to cool off in the shade. Then they wandered away from the Forest and found Mt Shiveer. They told all their friends and when they got too hot they went and played in Mt Shiveer for a while until they got too cold.
    So the hot jammers found a way to cool off.

    The End.

  13. May-
    Sorry about that...
    I don't know why no one reads it!

  14. Is it ok if I use your pictures of what happens when you get the gift card?I'll give you credit.

  15. hey this is jjoyce310, and you should rlly follow this blog, its called animal jam madness, oh and you should rlly add it on the more blogs page!
    Please dont be mean! :)

  16. I KNOW SPINO11 TOO!!!! have you seen her hanging out with norty???? -norty

  17. s80mel copyed my idea of singin a song!!! UGH! No jk I rlly dont care. Lol I should stop talking shouldnt i Hey! But good minds think alike -holds up hand for s80mel to high five-


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