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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Multiplayer Game Update

First, thanks to GreenFun for finding this. You can read GreenFun's post here.

Now, when you try to play most multiplayer games (Fruit Slinger, Gem Breaker, River Race, etc.) You will get this "message"

Now you can easily choose to play by yourself or with others.


  1. Yippee! But I'm sure most Jammers have found out while playing the games. Boy, it used to be annoying whenever you wanted to play yourself and someone happens to have it too.

  2. Hey May! Could you possibly put my NEW blog, http://jamaajournalcheese34.blogspot.com/ , on your More blogs page? I JUST made it, about 3 minutes ago, and I would love for you to do that!


  3. Magical-
    Oops! I fixed it now, sorry about that.

    I haven't updated my more blogs page in forever. :I

  4. Hai WitchHatBunny you should look at my blog its called Animal Jam Tornado
    hope this link or something works for you.


    or just click my name.

  5. And plus can you put my blog on your Other Blogs page? I would love it. :)

  6. i cant log on 2 aj-does any1 else have dis problem?

  7. I thought you cancelled your blog. I looked it up last nighta nd it said it didnt excist i asked spino and she said u cancelled the blog X.X"

  8. I know! I just forgot to tell you! I like this update because if I want to play by myself, some person wants to play too. Then we end up playing each other even though I don't want to! So great job AJ!

  9. I read the commet rules... ... Please don't spam me!!!!! :( D: 8(



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