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Thursday, December 15, 2011


As I said in an earlier post, this post will tell you all about AJ's newest feature - parties.

First, look in the top left corner and click on this:

A menu that looks like this should show up:
You can't get into a party room unless it has a button like this:

(or this)

Click Go Now! to get into the party.
There are two party rooms.
The first one is a different version of Club Geoz.

It looks like this:

There are two shops here. To open the first shop, click this:

Here is what they sell:

You can already buy these items in Jam Mart Furniture though.

The other shop can be found by clicking here:

They sell new Den Music here:

You can also click the neon phantom for a glow stick.

The other party room is an extended version of the gingerbread house den.

In the back are some icy slides. 

Find the "Take one" candy bowl, click it, and you will get a candy cane:

The candy cane you get changes every time.

Click on the candy camp fire for S'mores:

There is one shop here. Click the big carriage to open the shop:

Here's what they are selling:

A new Paw Candy decoration for your walls!

You can also just sit and stare at the snowman in the background...

Which party room do you like better?


  1. If you read this give meh credit.... I dont know if this happens to youn but the little branch pops up on the buddy list but no buddly list is attatched to it! Rlly strange....


  2. I'm not gonna be bothered explaining but if a bunny is wearing a wreath the bow infront will fly................ lol

  3. Do you want pictures of Jamaaliday Jam? I went to the first party ever in Jamaa, and you can find them here :http://magicalshybunny.blogspot.com/2011/12/jamaaliday-jam-play-wild-party-pics.html

  4. You should change the christmas theme xD

  5. Edited Sentence:

    I'm not gonna be bothered explaining but if a bunny is wearing a wreath and PLAYS the bow infront will fly! ^^

  6. I got 2 gifts in one day..... I got my first gift at 6AM today and now it's 8PM STILL TODAY! What the? BTW The next present is 200 Gems Yay!

  7. Hmmm,.... I can't even decide which 1 is better I'll guess i have to figure it out...soon ;)

  8. The pink slide is a glitch! I went on it and it just flys you over to the gingerbread house chocolate pit!

  9. the pink slide in the gingerbread house party

  10. i think i like the jamma holiday parties beter

  11. Hey I'm dolphina i made a blog its at http://ajnews4you.blogspot.com/ Im working on it and i can't figure out how to post pics on the update stuff so it not very good.



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