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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recyle and Sizzlerat

(This is a random post)

Tech66 showed me a while ago that AJ HQ misspelled the word "recycle".

If you want to see for yourself, go to your den and click Edit Den. Mouse over the recycle symbol.

Back in August, DoomDesire discovered another mistake:
Click Here

On an even more random note, we have more [late] news about sizzlerat. You can read our thoughts on sizzlerat on these posts:

Click here
Or click here

But now I know the truth about sizzlerat. Sizzlerat is actually an AJ HQ worker, testing out some new features. I'm not sure what exactly sizzlerat was testing. I saw here in the town once:

For some reason, the pink bow that was supposed to be on her back didn't show up. It probably has something to do with the Elf Tail Armor she had. So maybe she was trying to get tail items and back items to appear on an animal at the same time. She was also playing with members-only emoticons. Maybe there will be more emoticons soon! Also, she had different colored items like blue reindeer masks and teal elf cuffs. The pink bows that she had recently came back to the store, so maybe that's a hint that soon reindeer masks will come back soon, and elf cuffs come back late January/Early 2012. Hmm...
But now if you try to search sizzlerat's name, it simply says "Jammer could not be found!"

The update with new stuff and a new horse/zebra animal comes soon. ;)


  1. i looove your blog!you are awesome :) lillypatilly annd you are both cool

  2. Thanks for giving me credit WitchHatBunny! :)

    Sizzlerat is an AJ worker? How did you know WitchHatBunny? I hope tail items come soon!

    P.S. I won't be on Animal Jam today.

  3. first comment :D and i tried searching sizzlerat about a month ago and i couldnt find her..... :P


  4. bigcatsfoever DCP MODDecember 14, 2011 at 7:30 AM

    May, I sent you a friend request on Club penguin. I am Bigcatsrock1


    On another note... an article called The Truth of Internet Typos.

    The Truth... about Internet Typos.

    Even Netflix has a typo in it! Search for "The Garfield Show", click on it, and you may see that "Odie" is spelled "Opie". They're everywhere and btw this was RANDOM!

  6. My name on Club Penguin is Tech70.

  7. Everyone please report xdodx02 for telling me that I had problems. :(

  8. :O :O When you type in "sizzlerat" and search for it, it used to work, but now sizzlerat HAS DISSAPEARED OFF THE FACE OF ANIMAL JAM! What happened to her??? BTW I met sizzlerat once.

  9. I looked at the recycle thing, and your right! I'm surprised no one has realized except for sizzlerat and maybe a handful of people. Can you check out my blog? animaljamnewscentral.blogspot.com
    I'm still working on it!

  10. My guess is that they didn't want her to be so well known. I thought AJ HQ had their own private servers, but I don't know why sizzlerat was on public servers...

  11. http://help.animaljam.com/entries/20110306-how-do-i-take-a-screenshot

  12. My CP username is: Waz up dude4
    So anyway, I wish I saw Sizzlerat...............

  13. Heya WitchHatBunny XD

  14. Sizzlerat commented on one of my blogs! And she's an AJ HQ worker, you say?

  15. I looove the snow!!!!!!
    /\ /\
    (. * * )
    |. |.

  16. sizzlerat is no longer an account. I heard it from AJHQ my self. She was never a real person just a tester account.

  17. SIZZLERAT????????? TAILARMOR??????????? NEW ITEMS???????????????????????????? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD YAY NEW ITEMS :DDDDDDDD


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