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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowy Blog

If you didn't notice already, AJF has started to snow.

I understand that a lot of AJ bloggers want to get snow on their blog too. Well, here's how to make your blog snow.
(This guide uses the new Blogger layout.)

Make sure you are on your blog and singed in to your Google/Blogger account. First, click 'Design' in the top-right corner.

Now on the left side of the page, find this and click "Layout"

Find somewhere on the page (it doesn't matter where) with a box that looks like this:

Click that and a new window/tab will open up. Scroll down and find this:

Click the blue +.

You should get this:

Leave the title blank, and copy and paste this code into the "Content" box:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://files.main.bloggerstop.net/uploads/3/0/2/5/3025338/snowstorm.js" /></script>

Click SAVE and you're done.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want to get even more snow. I did this 3 times.

And I know everyone is probably bored of the phantom background. Please give me your ideas on what I should change it to.


  1. Try Octo's santa phantoms! There's a picture of one in my Archive -> Extra's

  2. You should maybe have a background of one of your animals, performing a glitch? Like having Blossom jump with the Yeti Mask floating away? Or something like that? I love pictures when the animals are in-motion. Those are so cool. :D

  3. I like the background! :)
    ( '.' )
    || | |

  4. Omg thanks May!!! I love the snowy blog. Maybe try something like you on AJ waving or something....?

  5. lol its pretty cool the snow

  6. Yay! Now a lot of bloggers can have snow peacefully falling down on their blog!

    I saw a typo! You said "singed" instead of "signed." It is ok, everyone makes mistakes once in a while.

    For your blog background, I am thinking of putting the Aurora Borealis. If you don't know what the Aurora Borealis is, it is called the Northern Lights for simple terms. Aurora Borealis is the scientific term. I just think the Northern Lights is a spectacular sight. I hope the Northern Lights gets chosen to be your blog background.

  7. Santa Pawz (or Lemonade s80me)December 20, 2011 at 10:24 AM

    What about trying Rudoulph the red nosed reindeer with a phantom riding on his back? That would be awesome! But Trickertreee's idea sounds awesome too!

  8. Hmm...i dunno xD


  9. Snowmen would be a cool background!

  10. Oh I just noticed if you click on the screen all of the snowflakes freeze! Also I think you should make the background something to do with snow.
    Also I have a screen-shot of a green top hat on my blog!

  11. your favourite animal!

  12. I wonder if you sat there long enough the snow would pile up on your screen.....
    I also agree with Tech66. The Northern Lights sound pretty. ^^


  13. Oh! BTW, if you move your mouse around, the snowflakes follow it.

  14. Wow May, since you did this snow some other Jammers have been also.

  15. Wow, I like the snow and aurora skies. Especially the aurora skies...if I could do something like this please?

    1. greenie o3o

      And remember your old rainbow circle background

    2. Yes

      I hope greenie returns some day

    3. Hope so too, so I can act crazy again and shes there to tell me to "clam down woman" XD

  16. Love your blog and love the snow! You r the best!

  17. hi witch Hat bunny long time no se! i have chicken pocks :( -ollie42

  18. I LOVE the snowflakes! I got it for my blog too! I think the background you have now is cool, it would also be awesome if you changed your BACKGROUND to snow, with it SNOWING too! I dont know. Lol. :P

  19. May, I tryed the snowflake thing but it didn't work.

  20. Snowflake, snow angel, star, angel, jesus, evergreen tree

  21. hey i think for spring you should do your backround as the baby sheep in shaun the sheep


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