Throwback Thursday lol close enough

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Huh what hi

This could possibly be the last post ever on this so called blog
Reasons?  I'm just... not interested in blogging anymore. I still do play AJ though.

Let me just say something:
My buddy list is full!
I don't delete buddies, so PLEASE do not ask me to. It isn't my fault AJ has such a low buddy limit. -_-
As much as I don't want to, I will have to decline all buddy requests I get in the mail. (Believe me, I don't feel great about that)
When someone deletes me, I will add someone, but it will usually be someone I am close to but never get a chance to add.

I'm sorry y'all, I don't wanna decline, but I have a limit. D:
It's depressing getting buddy requests now. :\

So since now everyone thinks I'm a jerk, I'll just list some things I don't like about AJ (This is not meant to hurt ANYONE)
• When people say "spike collar" instead of "spiked collar" (idk why srsly)
• When people call the item Bow And Arrows "bows" (bows are those jamaaliday things that look like they would go on a present not a bow and arrow lol)
Yeah that's about it
idk I just needed to get my thoughts out there
Like it matters hah
Why am I writing this
like a poem
why am i not using proper typing
dont ask lol

Yeah kthxbai

oh yeah i dont feel like ending this yet
idk why you are reading this 
wat r u dong

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Mysterious Stickynotes

AJHQ recently posted about the Penguins Only Party (I think it's a little too late for this...)

Everything is fine in this picture. It's all normal. But...
Look next to the gem icon...

What is that feature? My guess is the ability to write yourself notes and reminders. (You can already do that on Microsoft Word)
But what really is it for? Who knows, but I'm sure AJ will refuse to tell us until that feature comes out. :|
So we just have to guess at this point. (At least it won't be MS Paint)

Monday, September 17, 2012


No, I am not "officially" back to posting yet, but I am hoping to start again by October. The reasons for this are personal. :c

But I will make a post today. And it is Rare Mondays!

AJHQ posted this:

So this week's rare is an arctic hood? But wait... That color has already been released... I guess that means they are bringing another clearance item back. Oh well... :[

So if you go over to the shop in Mt. Shiveer, we find this:

Wait, what?
That isn't an Arctic hood! It's a COAT! Hmm, if you look at AJ's post, it says...
"Today's rare item goes great with last week's rare item"
But this does not go with last week's rare, Rare Sailor Hat.

Which leaves me to this: AJ was supposed to post Arctic Coats as the rare, but posted this instead (but that is pretty obvious). This will probably be next week's rare! (But why is that color chosen if that was one of the store bought colors?)

Unless they just want to confuse us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Update + Reminder

Hello! This is just a quick reminder. This is the last day to get anything at the Summer Carnival! The prizes there might not be around next year, so be sure to get everything you nee

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project YAY

So you guys all thought I quit AJ for good from my last post (even though I already said I might still play in my last post)? WRONG! I guess I'm back from my little quitting session, and I am starting a new thing: Project YAY! Project YAY will go like this:
• I keep posting on AJF
-AJF will turn into a news-only blog

• I continue the AJF: Rares site (or make a new one)

• I continue the Archive

• I continue to publish your comments

• I make a, what is basically, an AJ database with all of my sites put together

Yeah... Not that anyone still pays attention to my site anymore, but yeah.

It might take some time to get started, so I won't be posting much yet.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New post time? Maybe...

Well, hi! I'm sure no one even remembers who I am and no one even looks at this blog anymore, but I just want to answer some questions:

What happened to you? What happened to AJF?
Short answer: I pretty much quit AJ and blogging.

Why did you quit?
For personal reasons. Plus, I'm not really interested in AJ anymore. It's not the same as it used to be, it's all too, well, new and different. I miss the old AJ!

can i huz ur rare itemz
Remember: I ain't no prize box. Just because I quit doesn't mean I am giving all my stuffs away. You might want to improve your spelling too.

Will you ever come back?
Chances are, no. I do come and visit AJ every once in a while, and I could possible change my mind later. (Why would anyone want me back anyway? :D)

Sinse you quit, can I takeover your blog?
You spelled "since" wrong.

So are you going to delete the blog, or keep it up?
I'm keeping the blog up, just not posting on it anymore. Looking through the old posts brings back memories, and I want newer players to have a glimpse at the old versions of AJ.

Do you play any other games?
No, I don't play any other computer games. And therefore you can not reach me through sites like AJ. I do use a number of sites though, so if you feel you need to reach me, you can here:

 Colors! 3D:

(Just leave a comment on one of my paintings)
No, I am not that good at art, but I will get better... eventually. I only have one horrible painting, but I will have more when I am not lazy.

I'll post more links to stuff when and if I feel like it.

The Jammer named LoveLost is no more! I had fun in Jamaa with everyone, but now we must say goodbye.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


You can now buy clams in Sunken Treasures!

I think I am going to contact AJ about these high prices. :|

Anyway, I did some updates to the Rare Mondays page. Click the golden Rare icon the the side to go to the page!


AJ and Everloop are having a contest for a 1 month membership! I don't really understand it, but go here to go to the page:

Good luck on AJ's contest, everyone who enters!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rare Rhino Helmet

I've been trying to find a good template for Animal Jam Flash and update every page, so AJF will be "offline".

Today's Rare is the Rare Rhino Helmet located in Jam Mart Clothing:

It's certainly prettyful! That color combination is nice, isn't it? That price though... :c

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sea Star

Remember those sea stars in the Touch Pool? You can actually buy them for your ocean dens now!

Now we just need giant rocks for our den! :D

And apparently this has been known for a long time, but in the Sol Arcade, there are actually 2 machines of the same game!

That game is Pill Bugs (I forgot that game even existed)! There is one machine over by the River Race machine:

And another one in the top-right area:

I never noticed this, but I am sure someone else has. Something else slightly interesting is that the multiplayer games are actually a different shape! Single player games are smaller, 2 player games are bigger, and the big games like Best Dressed are faced to the screen. Plus, the single player games only have one controller and so on. Sometimes you have to just look at random stuff like game machines when you are bored. :P

Saturday, July 14, 2012


There is a fresh shipment of sandals at the carnival!

I think they should have had a better name for this item. At least something like Beach Sandals or something. But then again, this is the only sandal item, so it works.

There is nothing really to talk about, so I guess we will just need to wait for something interesting to happen. •–•

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mystery Peace Sign

There is a new Lantern Necklace in Bahari Bargains!

I kind of like this item! But I never see anyone in the oceans anymore. :\

KiddyPool showed me this picture of a monkey in the new game, Falling Phantoms. Look on the monkey's chest...

You can see what looks like a peace sign!
I can tell this monkey is a bot. It's colors don't really match, and this stuff is what some bots usually wear.

It doesn't appear to be a necklace, and the monkey already has a pattern (it has green spots). Maybe this will be a new feature?

We might be able to have "stamps" on your animals soon! On hummingbird pets, you can put "stamps" on them, and each of the 4 stamps makes it do a different action if you click on it.

So I am thinking these will be available for animals soon. If you put one on, your dance action is different or something. Any ideas?

I noticed that they switched the login screen around too:

I was so used to it being on the other side, it;s going to take some time getting used to. :|

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fancy Tall Candelabrum

There is a new Fancy Tall Candelabrum in Jam Mart Furniture!

Sorry for such a late post today. My schedule is so messed up, I even thought the update was today. :|
But it really is NEXT Thursday. The post will be at regular time tomorrow, and much longer, I promise!
Such a crazy bunny...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fantasy Freedom

There is a new Fantasy Banner in Jam Mart Furniture!

There isn't anything "fantasy" about it. I guess it's called that because it is an item that everyone can buy, because AJ always makes everything members only. :|

And don't forget - there is an update tomorrow! Foxes will be out, and so will turtle pets! Unless of course we have to wait another two weeks, which hopefully does not happen.

You might want to pick up items from the Freedom Party and some Freedom Plushies before it's too late, since there is a chance that the freedom stuff will be gone tomorrow. Good luck getting 8,000,000 tickets!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Cake

Since nearly everyone asked, here was my cake for July 9th, aka my birthday!

As you can see, I love Jirachi! ;D

For those who do not know what a Jirachi is, it's a Pokémon, which, yes, I am a fan of.

The cake was an ice cream cake that tasted like rainbows. c: 

Vanity, Questions, Stuff

There is a new Vanity Mirror thing at Epic Wonders!

Expensive, yes. At least it isn't 16,000 tickets. :P

I needed an excuse for making this post bigger and more interesting, so I am going to talk about comments from the last post. :D

The first comments were this:

It seems my comment was taken the wrong way, and everyone thought I meant that my birthday is already passes. But what I meant, was my day was already bad from the beginning (which did end up better than expected). And I got this question from Picturechamp:

(Click the picture so you can actually read it)

Well, what I do is use Preview (a picture opening thingy that I use to edit pictures somehow) (It comes with Mac computers) and I delete every pixel around the picture and just keep deleting the pixels until it look good. There is probably a program that can do that much easier though. :|

And a few commenters directed me to the memory match game I talked about:


Oh yes, and who wants me to post a pictures of my b~day cake? :D (Probably no one, but hey)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Back In Time

It's Rare Mondays! And the rare today looks a bit familiar...Oh yes, Rare Butterfly Glasses!

They are in Jam Mart Clothing, just like on last Thursday. Not only is it Rare Mondays, but it is also my birthday! ;D
No, I'm not going to ask for any gifts.

Maybe AJ should have Monday's rare out for only one random hour on Monday. Maybe then, these rares will actually be rare! ...But then it would just be plain unfair. Just an idea though.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Starfish Glasses

You can get a new pair of Starfish Glasses at Bahari Bargains!

I really miss when items were only 80 gems, like Leaf Necklaces used to be. :| But there are lots more games to play, so it's easier to get gems. I got about 4,000 gems in Falling Phantoms in a short time! It's easy once you get the hang of it. Speaking of games, I found out that you can play Sky High offline of AJ! Go to this link:

(Just not that any gems you get from playing this version will NOT be transferred to your AJ account)

There are a few differences between the in-AJ version and the one on the NatGeo Kids site. For one thing, the music quality is a bit different. The phantoms make more noise (I think, anyway), and you can only play as a wolf. The wolf you play as looks different too.

Here is the wolf jumping on the AJ version:

And here is the wolf jumping on the NG Kids version:

It looks brighter and more 3Dish, doesn't it? I'm not completely sure, but this could actually be the beta version of the game!
I am not sure if anything special will happen if you get to the top though.

There used to be an AJ memory match game somewhere on NG Kids, but they removed it (as far as I know).

When I have the time, I will update a few pages and add a new "Important Links" section or something.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Have Answers

Yes, I do have answers!

Here are the answers to Round 2 of the contest!

Question 1:
How many floors in the Chamber of Knowledge were there originally?
 There were only two, and back then it was called Chamber of Mysteries. Ah, good times.

Question 2:
What are the only 2 animals that start with a pattern on them?
 Giraffes and tigers both start with a pattern already on them. When foxes come, they probably won't have a pattern on them when you make a new fox. :L

Question 3:
What exactly IS beta?
I'll give you a short version of the answer since I don't think you want to sit through all these words.
Beta is basically the early testing mode of sites and games, etc..

Question 4:
Name 2 AJ Guide's usernames (sizzlerat does not count)
It's very hard to tell what an AJ Guide's username is (mainly because AJ Guides don't exist anymore). They mainly have usernames such as GuideBunny, GuideKit, GuideDash, QuideBandaid, Quide(insert word here)... Yeah. Tricky question, yes. c:

Question 5:
What color chat bubbles do AJ Guides use?
Guides usually use light green chat bubbles, and bigger text. The early guides used normal white-ish chat bubbles, and some even used purple!

Question 6:
What is the only special item color that is actually a color only sold in beta times?
Those light greenish Arctic Hoods! I also would have accepted the milky white tiara with the pink gems on them. (I also took the answer of green top hats and grey wings, but those aren't exactly "special colors")

And the winners this time are...


Good job you guys!
Only 10 remain, I guess we will have to have a Round 3!

Also, there are new Camouflage Boots in Jam Mart Clothing!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Contest Round 2 and New Item

There is a new Giant Crystal in Jam Mart Furniture!

They don't like to make items cheap anymore, huh? 600 gems isn't all that much though.

Sorry for the delayed delay for Round 2 of the contest. The same rules apply this time, but only the 41 Jammers on that list can enter, and you must put that code I sent out in your answer comment. Here we go!

Question 1:
How many floors in the Chamber of Knowledge were there originally?

Question 2:
What are the only 2 animals that start with a pattern on them?

Question 3:
What exactly IS beta?

Question 4:
Name 2 AJ Guide's usernames (sizzlerat does not count)

Question 5:
What color chat bubbles do AJ Guides use?

Question 6:
What is the only special item color that is actually a color only sold in beta times?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fancy Fireplace

There is a new Fancy Fireplace in Jam Mart Furniture!

For some reason, this item makes me feel like we need a den that is based off of a normal house. Or maybe a den with an elevator? There also should be a big grandfather clock too! I'm sure that will be a future item. C:

The Rare Butterfly Glasses are no longer available, and were only sold for about 3 hours after they came out. :\ I guess AJ thought it was Monday, so they put out the rare early. As of now, there aren't many Rare Butterfly Glasses out there. I'd say they are pretty rare, but they will probably come out on Monday.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freedom Party

Happy 4th! It's the perfect day to go to the new Freedom Party!

You can watch the fireworks explode all over the sky here!

You can even buy fireworks for your den, all the way to the left, at this booth:

Here are the firework types you can buy here:

• Giraffe Fireworks
• Bunny Fireworks
• Globe Fireworks
• Star Firworks
• Pawprint Fireworks

But there is now Wolf Fireworks here too!

And all the way to the right is the clothing booth!

And they sell:

• Freedom Monkey Hat
• Freedom Bunny Hat
• Freedom Cat Hat
• Freedom Chicken Hat
• Freedom Panda Hat

And now, the have Freedom Lion Hats!

I am going to try and make a post on every party, including the old ones for memorial purposes - in case some of the parties ever stop coming. Keep on Jamming!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Early Update!

AJHQ let out the Thursday update early this week!

Here is the new Jamaa Journal:

There is a new den, the Fantasy Castle!

It's pretty big, but I don't feel it is big enough for a price like 7,500 gems. It's like they cut a perfectly good castle into a few parts and sold them separately and added a waterfall. :P

Page 2:

There is a new game in Zios called Falling Phantoms! It's a multiplayer game too!

And now there are button things to easily get to shops and videos on the map:

That's certainly helpful when you want to find new items! :D

Page 3:

They literally copied this page from the previous Jamaa Journal!

They didn't even change the header design - there are snowflakes on the top, just like last week's!

Page 4:

Well this is something new! They teach you how to make a cool costume! Though, the artwork looks cooler than it actually looks like:

But it is cooler than most of my animals' looks. :L

 Page 5:

Not only did they copy a page before, but they are talking about the pet contest AGAIN! 

And yay, foxes are coming! These will be animals, and not pets. And by the looks of it, they might walk on two legs!

 Page 6:

Not-so-random featured rare, and Nature Archways. c:

There are some new items too!

At Jam Mart Clothing...

A new Samurai Hat!

There are also Rare Butterfly Glasses on one of the last pages for some reason...
In Jam Mart Furniture...

A new curved couch!

At the carnival...

A new Jamaican hat that's only 1 billion tickets! ;D

They also changed the Council Day Banner to the Freedom Banner:

Oh yes, there is also a Freedom Party!

I'll post on that soon!