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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I went to Sarepia Forest for no reason at all. And I noticed something... There is still a Jamaaliday decoration!

Look near the purple game icon (the game is Pill Bugs). It's a green ornament ball. I guess AJ forgot to take all the decorations down.

This isn't really news, but I just found it interesting. :L

EDIT: Trickertreee told me that there are Jamaaliday Lights above the entrance to Sarepia Forest in Coral Canyons.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The New Zios Glitch

As you probably know, the wall glitches have been fixed. But there is still a glitch that works in the Lost Temple of Zios! It's not the same as the old one though. This one doesn't require switching animals/clicking on your current animal. Remember, this glitch does not always work for everyone. Here is how to do it:

Start between the two buildings.

You will need to rapidly click these things in a zigzag:

The door to Brady Barr's Lab

And the monkey window

Keep doing the rapid clicking until you get up on the walls - it can be very hard

Now you can walk on the walls! Here is how to get into the stone pit:

Once you get up, go all the way yo the top-left corner.

Click and hold near your animal and drag the mouse off the screen to the blue part:

Do not let go of the mouse, and drag it down (staying in the blue part). Wait until you are at the bottom-left corner:

Keep in mind that you might get into Jamaa Township. If this happens, you will have to restart. Still holding the mouse down, drag the mouse right until you get about here:

Click the eye on the Zios sculpture that isn't covered up.

Your animal should now walk to the stone pit. When your animal is on the stone pit, click anywhere on the stone pit to make your animal stop walking. You should now be in the stone pit!

It can be pretty fun to do. I like to pretend to be phantom. :P

I hope you enjoy this glitch! Keep in mind that this glitch probably will not work for much longer.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcome to the Shadow Demension

I was playing around with the Insanity Glitch and I found the coolest side-effect of the glitch ever. Somehow, Jamaa township turned mostly dark. I could only see some objects and walls, and animals/pets. The rest was just... empty.

You will have to click on some of these pictures to get a clear view of them.

Here is what the right of Jamaa Township looked like.

Let's go a bit higher:

It just seemed to end there. :\

Here is another look:

If I moused over the door to Jam Mart Furniture, it was also black.

Now let's explore by the Mira Statue.

The Mira Statue...

Remember that weird bush I mentioned a long time ago? It is just floating there...

Jam Mart Clothing...

By the fountain...

The phantom boat...

The pillow room and med center..

Magic bridge...

Phantom tree...



The Jam Mart Clothing door...

A better look at "Jamaa's End"


After I tried to switch rooms, the screen turned like this:

It failed to load. :l And... that's about it. Soon I will post about the new Zios wall glitch.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

AJ HQ Blog

Animal Jam Headquarters (AJHQ) recently opened up a new blog - The Daily Explorer!

To get there, go to www.animaljam.com/home and click this sign under the login sign:

Or you can just go to blog.animaljam.com, but that kind of takes the fun out of it. :<

On the blog, they posted about a new code.

The codes explorer gives you 100 gems.

Be sure to check out the blog! I believe it will be updated every day (The DAILY Explorer)

I sure hope they give us some exclusive looks at new items. :L

Future Items

Ever since the new snake pets arrived in Jamaa, I've noticed some of the snakes are wearing clothing items that are very similar to items that you can wear on your animal. For example, I see snakes with firefighter hats, police hats, top hats, etc.
But there are also some things that were never available clothing items. This doesn't necessarily mean that these items will come out eventually for sure, but some of them have a pretty good chance of coming out. Here are some possible future clothing items:

A big wig (possibly an edited version of the Curly Wig item)

If those wigs do happen to be new items, they will most likely be sold around late February/early March.

A different type of helmet (armor)

There is a helmet like this somewhere in the Chamber of Knowledge building, on the second floor. It's been there since beta times, but there is still a chance that it will come out.

Head bow

Kind of like the Jamaaliday Bow item, but has a different look and goes on your head. If this item does come out, it will probably come out with a bow tie-like item as well.



Raccoon Hat

Similar to the Fox Hat item, but it (obviously) looks more like a raccoon and has a bushier tail.

Hmm... What are your ideas on these new items? Do you think they will ever be available? I hope so, because I want one of those raccoon hats.

Also, as showing an an older one of my posts, some more new items/item colors. But before we get to those, I'd like to mention something strange about swords. When I lay the game Best Dressed, I noticed that there are two different types of the Sword item.

Those two swords look exactly the same, right? Take a closer look. The one on the right has a yellow handle, and the one on the left has a white handle. The one that is available for purchase is the one on the right, with the yellow nozzle. Hmm... What do you think? I found it kind of odd that there are two swords that look exactly the same, but have a slight difference. Maybe the one on the left is a nonmember sword? Who knows?

Now here are the future items/item colors I mentioned.

Mech Angel Wings

These wings were probably sold in beta along with the Mech Angel Helmet item. But then again, they could be jut unreleased items. The correct name for this item isn't confirmed yet.


The correct name of this item actually is "Blanket". It actually was an early beta item that was removed like the Skullies. It was sold at 200 gems. There is only one of these Blankets in Jamaa as of now. It's the orange one. ;)

Shark Fin

 No confirmed name for this item yet.

 Legendary Wings

These wings might possibly be a future monthly member gift. The name isn't confirmed.

Here are colors of items that have never been released.


They will also come in darkish blue. I don't have a picture yet...

Curly Wig

These will most likely come out around Presidents Day.

Heart Locket

These will probably come out soon.

Clover Blanket

These will probably come out in March.


 Jester Hat

 These will probably come out in April.

Mech Angel Helmet

Leprechaun Hat

 These will probably come out in March.

Heart Balloon

These will probably come out in February.

 Leaf Necklace

Heart Cape

 These will probably come out in February.

 Clover Balloon

 These will probably come out in March.

Hat and Curly Wig

These will probably come out for Presidents Day.

Gazelle Horn

Pilgrim Hat

 These will probably come out in November.

Clover Earmuffs

These will probably come out in March.

And... That's it. If you have any of these items, you are extremely lucky!