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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bunny Glitches

Since there isn't anything new, I figured I should do anoter glitch montage. This time, animal glitches. These glitches are mostly with specific clothing items, so some glitches will require membership. :<

For the first glitch, you just need a pair of elf bracelets anda bunny (all the following glitches require a bunny). Wear the elf bracelets and dance. The bracelets seem to fly off of the bunny for a split second:

Weird, huh? Now that I look at the picture, I noticed that pilgrim hats seem to go through the bunny's head, and the "shirt" part of the pilgrim hat goes flying. For the next glitch, you need a witch hat. Play with the witch hat on, and for a split second while your bunny's ear goes over the hat, your eyes become visible, while your ears turn a bit invisible:

The next glitch works with any type of large top hat (Top Hat, Freedom Hat, Founders' Hat). Not to be confused with Fancy Top Hats. This glitch doesn;t work with them. So, wear your top hat and hop. Look at the top of your top hat. For a split second (why do all these glitches happen for only a split second? :\ ) your top hat will get cut off:

Next is the Yeti Mask Glitch. For some reason, yeti masks go crazy on bunnies. This glitch works if you either play, hop, or dance, with a yeti mask on.




That glitch was discovered back in October of 2011. I guess yeti masks just have some weird gravity effects. :L And the almost last glitch happens when you play with a bunny wearing a heart locket.

Before (no glitch)

After (glitch)

The locket just seems to... disappear. Almost as if the bunny eats it. :\ Come to think of it, what DO heart lockets taste like? Anyway... The last glitch requires a wreath necklace (*or a lei). Play with a bunny with a wreath necklace, and the bunny will "eat" it aswell.

Thanks KiddyPool for telling me about this glitch. Oh yeah, and something weird happened to KiddyPool's bunny (on my screen, anyway):

She had 3 ears, part of the wreath necklace was missing, and there were blue floating dots. :\

Please let me know of any other bunny glitches. I'll add them to the list and give you credit. Soon I'll post about seal glitches. There aren't that many that I know of, though. Here is a picture of bunnies doing the "wave"...

~See ya


  1. Neat glitches! I usually find glicthes when I'm bored...

  2. lol wow. I didn't see that happen to my bunny XD

  3. A glitch with a wreath.

    I told you back in 2011 but no post about it...

    so if a bunny wears a wreath and plays the front bow of the wreath will be eaten by the bunny

    I dunno if it still works but...it worked when I made the 'deck the halls' video for Christmas

  4. I see my head in the first picture :3

  5. the yeti mask one doesn't work for me but the rest did

  6. Hey witchhatbunny, about that last comment I did with the people ripping me off, I just found out they knew about fuzzy returning first. So please delete that comment.

  7. When a tiger dances with the Fancy Top Hat on, it the ''2012'' thing appears for a split second. I'm not sure if it's a glitch really, but yeah.

  8. theres a glitch at cinnamoncakes den it was like prettyrose92s den

  9. Come to think of it, my bunny`s heart locket has been eaten before. (;


  10. when u wear a rhino helmet and start dancing with ur bunny, the rhino helmet comes off ur head


  11. How do you do the wave and who is Countess Snowyclaws in the wave picture?


  12. I found a glitch. You need an astronaut helmet. Put it on a bunny and dont wear anything else. Then you should click the play button where you do actions. For a split second your bunny's face show up on top of the astronaut helmet as your ears go around. Thats it for now! XD :)


  14. May plz plz plz go on spirit chat at 1 or 2 am your time tonight plz!


  15. I like the last picture XD It was kool!


  16. Replies
    1. hi mika2cool hi Colour54 lol just wanted to say hi. -naf

  17. bunny heart pattern is now BESIDE the eye instead of ON the eye!
    Can this be a glitch?
    You Have to have those big circle eyes with the eyeball on the bottom corner.


  18. I have a monkey glitch! heres what you need: a money and a leaf necklace. First put the leaf necklace on it wont appear! But when you do a action it does! this happened to me. okay well thats it bye!!!!!~coolcat1o

  19. i think heart lockets taste like heart candies :D

  20. I can explain the top hat one. I have looked into a few glitches, like the coral canyons pathway one, and noticed something. Animal jam is put in layers. Layers you can be behind, or on top of. It's true!

  21. did you know that on a bunny wearing a clover/heart blanket while sleeping makes the bunny's rear go through the blanket?


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