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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crystal Sands and Pet Shop Glitch


Crystal Sands Glitch
First of all, tech66 discovered this glitch. To start, stand by the blue beach ball:

Then, click on the second slide:

While your animal walks towards the slide, click the switch animals button, click the animal you are currently using, and click on slide 1.
If done correctly, you should be standing on the slide! There isn't much you can walk on, unfortunatly. But you can walk on the juice hut.

Pet Shop Glitch
I'm not sure who found this glitch, but I believe it was trickertreee. First, go to the steps:

Next, click between the food dishes:

While your animal walks towards the dishes, click the switch animals button, and click the animal you are currently using. Then, click by this butterfly (NOTE: The butterfly will be different on your computer)

If done correctly/fast enough, you should be on the walls! Here's a random picture of me looking into the mirror.

That's pretty much it. Remember, these glitches do not always work for everyone. Sometimes you will need to keep trying.

~See ya


  1. OMG!! THANKS FOR TELLING ME! your blog is great! hope i can meet you online =3


  2. There is a different glitch for Crystal Sands as well... You start up at the top by the weird crisscross slide, and click on the Mt. Shiveer entrance. And do the click the animal you're using deal and click on the double-up wall. :3 I hope this is a help...

    Conlan55 found it first, I believe, then I found it and told people about it... Conlan refused to tell anyone. :/


  3. Thank you WitchHatBunny for the credit! True Fact: Spino actually did the glitch first, but she had no idea how she did it. I just figured out how to do it.

    The Pet Shop is really fun because I was a talking pond, XD!

  4. Cool! PS Maybe 1st comment..

  5. Um, didn't I show you the Crystal Sands glitch tech? Just sayin', nice with the simple explaining May!

    1. I thought you said that you forgot how to get on the slides. You were the first one to get on the slides, but you forgot how to do it. But then I rediscovered it. I am very confused here D:
      P.S. Spino, are you talking about the Crystal Sands SKY glitch? If you are talking about the sky glitch, I didn't discover that one.

  6. Thank you! I think this is amazing. Mabye you should trade me sometime...?! I am MisterArcticClaw. And I read your buddy page, I TOTALLY AGREE! Sometimes I've had like 104 Buddies! LOL! Haha. See ya around aj!

    -Mister AC

    btw. Im a girl xD

    Go to applindle and stand next to the fruit flinger thing. Next click the dark area next to the shop. Then click the bolders near the dark area.

  8. Thanks for showing me how to do these Animal Jam glitches!!! After reading your how to do these glitches, I've had much more fun in Animal Jam!

  9. Hi for the juice hut glitch you can also walk on the slides just sayin


  10. IT will not work!!!!!!!!!!

  11. HI HI thx for all the glitches! luv em' TTYL\XOXO!~0~!

  12. the butterfly is not there any more! it is a cat.

  13. None of them worked for me :(


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