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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Finally, the update is here. Even one of the most popular items returned.

First, horses are here!

It's really disappointing that horses are members only...

Now for new items. It seems to me like there isn't a much new stuff in this update... Anyway, in Jam Mart Clothing:

The return of two old items - firefight hats and elf cuffs!

In Jam Mart Furniture...

I've been hearing that the welcome mats are glitched up. Well, both of these items have new colors now.

In the Music Shop...

 Appondale music for your den. I want the Jam Mart Clothing music... :U

In the Hot Cocoa Hut...

 New shoes! I bet these would look awesome on a bunny. :P

In the Animal Museum...

 New horse themed items! You'll have to look through the store to find the banner and the plushie.

In the Chamber of Knowledge...

New horse shaman statue. Her name is actually Horse... :\  Also, all the game machines are no longer available.

In Bahari Bargains...

New... armory things! In that under water den shop that I forgot the name of...

A coffin thing and a kelp forest. :L

And... That's all for new items. Here is what's on clearance...

There is also a new buddy game - Scooped! Check out this from the newspaper:

Not to mention a Design Your Own Flag contest:

I'll see if I can even get my drawings on the computer. :L

There is also a new party - New Year's Party!

I haven't been to it yet, but I'll provide with pictures in a later post. The Jamaaliday Jam party is also gone...

There's a new animated Jam a Gram too.

Finally, we have a preview of the new pet, in puzzle form.

I'll take the time to unscramble that for you later. By the looks of it, it seems to me like some kind of worm. Or snake. Didn't I tell you there would be snake pets? c:

EDIT: Horse plushies are also available in the claw!
Thanks Spino11 for the picture and update.



  1. I thought it looked like a snake too. And there is 1 more update. When you click on den items to make them do something (cake sets on fire), you don't move to the spot when you click it. If that doesn't make sense, click on some fireworks and see what happens.

    1. That does happen. If you have a cake, please trade me it...

  2. Horse the Horse Shaman... Nice! It's like the Furious Five from Kung Fu Panda... They have names like what animal they are... Yeah...

  3. Wow I posted on my blog that I missed anything... I was wrong /).-

  4. guess what? aj is missing one color of elf cuffs! the color remains rare

  5. OMG! I love the new horse plush! I want a horse D8 im non member tho!

  6. Horse the horse Shaman? What's up with that?

  7. If you have the horse rare plushies comment and add me
    May do you know?

  8. I'm telling every aj blog I know. I finally got a small blue horse plushie! go to my den to see it!
    -Silverfirewarrior :)~
    P.s its not for trade

  9. i want a horse plushie so bad!

  10. oh great...now my friend is gonna make a ded unicorn and haunt meh....O.O

  11. Sea anemone head bows are for members again! D8
    IDK if its a glitch but when i put it on 4 trade it had the members thing.

    I have a rare white horse plush with a top hat come 2 my den to see it!

  12. I finally got a SUPER DUPER ADORABLE orange one!!!

  13. *Puts on party face* YEAH YEAH PARTY STARTER!
    Okay that was random. But I really want a horse plushie. Really bad. D:
    But I love the update! It wasn't the best, but at least we have horses. Be thankful for the good things that happen in life! :)
    I love it. Love the blog, love AJ... Man, I love everything! <3

  14. I has a blck horsey plush (form the claw lol) there so tiny and cuuuute!

  15. Hey, May, if you want to see most of the horse plushie colors, go o my den! All the colors I don't have are black, green, and white D:

  16. Hi!
    I am so happy that they listen to me for the Jamaa offical flag thingy!

  17. I got a blue and another green horse plushie
    go to my den if you want to check it out. It is on trade but im only trading it for rare member clothing items.

    P.S. I am a non-member

  18. heey may. could you please do a post on the rare horse plushies

  19. I have even seen rare horse plush! One was i think brown with blue armor on, one was pink with a strawberry on the head,and last a white horse with a top hat!!! So cool i want them all

  20. If any one ends up getting a Brown hourse plushie with the armor on it message me and i will trade some stuff for it



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