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Monday, January 16, 2012

Flag Shop and Brady Barr's Lab Glitch


Animal Jam Flash Update
I've decided not to quit the blog just yet. I just needed a little break, but I'm back for now.

Flag Shop Glitch
It's probable that these wall/sky glitches will be fixed on Thursday, so I'll try to post as many as I can so everyone can enjoy them before they are gone. I'll fit two glitches into one post.

So, here is how to do the glitch in the Flag Shop of Sarepia Forest. First, start over by the big globe:

Now, click on the Hungary flag (The Red White and Green flag)

Your animal should start to walk towards the flag. Very quickly while your animal walks, you must click the switch animals button and then click on your current animal. Right after, click up on the globe:

If done correctly/fast enough, you should be on the walls! I believe Pangaea discovered this glitch.

Dr. Brady Barr's Lab Glitch

This glitch was discovered by me. Dr. Brady Barr's lab is located in the Lost Temple of Zios. The room is pretty small, so there isn't much to do in here if you do the glitch.

First, stand about here:

Then, click on the opposite side of the table.

While your animal walks, quickly press the switch animals button and then your current animal. Now, click around the rubber foot (Make sure you do not click the rubber foot, though.)

Your animal should now be on the table.

Again, the glitch isn't as fun in this room, since the room is small. Here's a random picture of me front of the snake:

Oh, speaking of snakes, I've been hearing rumors about snake pets. horseyhorse claims to have seen an AJ worker with the username ajhq247. (Since he is an AJ worker, they do not show up if you search for them.) horseyhorse said that ajhq247 was a snake with a snake pet; both snakes looked exactly like in the preview, and were black and blurred out. Perhaps we will be able to play as our pets soon? The only way to know is to wait it out. horseyhorse also said that the next animal will be some type of bird; she saw a picture of a blurred out silhouette of a "large bird". She claimed it looked like an ostrich. I'm not sure if the rumors are true, but they probably are - after all, horseyhorse did say there would be a snake pet soon, and I've confirmed that to be the truth. ;)

~See ya


  1. I did the Flag Shop glitch already. I didn't successfully do the Brady Barr glitch.

    We will just have to let time take its place and we will know about the snakes and the bird soon.

  2. THX MAY!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO NICE!!!!!!! HOW LONG ARE YOU STAYING? sorry for the caps.


  3. Guys. I foud a gross username. I reported him. It was.....

    Gross. May please report!!!

    -GreenStar >:|

  4. OMG!! I send emails to the HQ and I suggested birds to them :D I also suggested they let us play as a hippo :) I love hippos XD


  5. we luvs ya witchhatbunny!!!!


  6. great job WitchHatBunny now I can have more fun with the Skyway glitches, and of course the new pet is a snake. :D

  7. and bird animals are coming? That sounds like a new interesting rumor.

  8. I looked up ajhq247 and it said that that jammer could not be found. Employees probably do that to stay under cover. That is probably what happened with sizzlerat. I believe in you guys though.

    I want to make a shout out to warriorcatlover. Hey bestie! I have been telling everyone of my friends to report him/her.

  9. tht would be cool if u could turn into our pets it would be awesome!I would be my doggie :)

  10. Haha! Hi kade! PS On my buddy list you arent there!!! Please buddy me again..

    -GreenStar the Toast who rules (what was it again..? oh yeah.) Australia XD

  11. Your blog is the best i would be sad if you quit. I have seen that people follow you everywhere though. I hope you can stay with us,to me your just like any other fun loving jammer! ( that was ment to be nice) .do you think they will have more pet slots? I have too many pets.
    Hope we can meet sometime-


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