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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gift 18

Happy 2012! The update with the horses is still not here. I guess it won't be any time soon... This is probably the last gift.

The "official" release of the next monthly gift is soon!


  1. first comment :) and by the way it should be here in morning guys. the aj hq workers are probably asleeep!

    fuzzy shybug

  2. Only 1000 gems? Oh well. I can't wait to get my party hat! And also can you change the link to my blog on the more blogs page when you have time? Thanks. :) You know the URL I think. Just think of my phrase if you forgot!

  3. @Witch hat bunny
    Hello May. :) I just wanted to let you know Sheesh4 mentioned your post on the early monthly member item and I took the liberty of using your pictures, I hope you don't mind (I did give credit). I'd also like to mention that AJHQ stated that the horse update will be coming this Thursday. There is a picture of the message a few posts back on my blog if you would like to use it. Happy new years, hope to see you in Jamaa soon. :)

  4. i found a glitch. you use a land animal and a land pet, wash your pet, then walk on the dock into the water then your underwater pet will sparkle!

  5. princessfuffy,
    hi i love the blog wish i had one

  6. silly (1000 gems richer)January 1, 2012 at 2:16 PM

    Very cool! But I wish we got something to wear instead of 1000 gems. But you get what you get. :)


  8. Hey! Check out my blog for a post ALL about the next update!

  9. Well.. Do we know if it's the last presant? They might stop when the horses come out...

  10. (Don't complain about this glitch not working, it has been fixed)As of yesterday, it worked, so I'm sorry if you missed it...
    At the new years party, one of the slides had been glitched so that right when you stepped on the pink wafer, you would go through the roof, and be slid all the way back to the hill,I'm really really sorry to say, but it has been fixed, and wasn't very well known. Well, meowlive is my username on AJ, so add me if you want to, but i only have 50 buddy slots


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