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Monday, January 2, 2012

No more Daily Gifts

Sadly, the 1,000 gems was the last of the Daily Gifts. Now we get the Daily Gem Bonus again.

What's weird is that right after I clicked Spin, it gave me x2 gems instead..


  1. AJ just got under maintenance, i think they are gonna make horses!

  2. Wow! That 2X thing happened to me... :\ Anyway... FIRST COMMENT!

  3. the same the same thing happen me i got 250 then it doubled to 500

  4. awwwww the daily gift was bettr i think and im changing my username


  5. The x2 thing happened to me, too. No idea why.
    I hope for the Jamaa Journal on Thursday. I'm looking forward to your post! :D

  6. This same thing happened to my friend when I was at her house. Oddly enough, it didn`t happen to me. I did not even get the wheel, and I didn`t go on yesterday.


  7. That happened to most of us I suppose...

  8. odd. i got x3 should have been x2 for me but i got x3!

  9. Oh, since i was on at like 2 AM it gave me the daily wheel and it said, x2 lol

  10. i dont know if this is a good guess but I e-mailed animal jam about how me and my friends missed the light green blnkets and AJHQ said that "There will be mroe rare items flying your way! " i wonder if the word flying is a clue to something...


  11. That happened to me as well. I got x2 the gems... Weird...

  12. Since you're quitting, I need to ask these:

    When either you or bigcatsfoever said I could get banned for asking the HQ to give pets to nonmembers, the HQ said that they would never ban me for doing that. Were you/bigcats talking to someone else?

    If you don't quit, when your membership runs out, will you renew it?

    What happened that made you laugh at hate comments? A psychiatrist?

    Is DoomDesire your brother? Friend? Sister? Cousin? Or does this count as personal information?

    Do you want nonmembers to get pets and gifts? I'm a member now, but I'm still fighting for it.

  13. The x2 gems is because the day before we stoped doing you had been on the day beforeit stopped

  14. I just saw something! A Jammer named riverflame has blue cuffs!


  16. May, go to Soundcloud.com and search music for your blog! I have Party Rock on my blog! Try to put some music on your blog too! It easy, go to that website, and search music. And when you find the perfect music, click Share! And then copy the code into your Java scrip where ever you it to be on your layout! Oh yeah, and if you also want to change the color of your music box, go to "Edit Your Widgets". Hope this is helpful info for your blog! ~cutepeyton1 from AJ

  17. that's weird....

  18. Ah, Im actually glad Daily Gems is back. Now I can earn money for the Sports Car so I can have more left ovveer~

  19. coopo2-
    Question 1-
    I don't remember saying anything like that... It must have been bigcats

    Question 2-

    Question 3-
    It just happened naturally. I realized hate comments are just a cruel form of jealousy.

    Question 4-
    DoomDesire is my friend. She's the one who showed me AJ and gave me an idea to make a blog in the first place. c:

    Question 5-
    Yes, I want AJ to make more features that are for everyone. If you didn't know, everyone used to be able to accept gifts. But they stopped that around March. And I was disappointed when I found out that pets are members only...

  20. Oh! I forgot a question. Sorry if I'm being annoying.

    Is one of the reasons you changed your username because it was easy to imposter?

  21. Yup. I am a member, but I'm still fighting for nonmember rights! I have been since April, when I got my membership. I realized that I was just a really lucky nonmember, that had an allowance that was enough to buy a one-month membership, and renew it every month! I think that AJ is supposed to be to learn about animals, to have fun, and to chat with friends and decorate your den your own style!

    But nonmember jammers can't do that if AJ HQ RESTRICTS items, gifts, and pets from them! It's like nonmembers are GRASS and members are FLOWERS! It's just horrible to think that I was once treated as grass, and that now I'm treated as a blooming rose. Nonmembers have as much rights as members! But in AJ sometimes the HQ treats NONMEMBERS as if they HAVE NO RIGHTS! If you agree, help me rebel, if you're member or non member! Nonmembers should at least be able to have the ability to accept gifts, and AJ should maybe make a snake pet that's NONMEMBERS ONLY! Also, horses should be AVAILABLE TO ALL JAMMERS! I know that members help AJ keep up updates, but they should have at least a couple stuff. I have a poem about how dissapointed I was when I found out pets were members only, even! So yes, if you want to start a tiny rebellion against how nonmembers should at least have gift acception privilege back again, go to my den at 11:30 AM CST, or Central Standard Time Zone. Server Nile, on Thursday. My username is s80me.

    - Awesome Sunnypaw

  22. Awesome Sunnypaw-
    I think AJ has been lying about how "membership helps make new stuff"... AJ is ran by Nat Geo, and they are already rich... They just want our money.

  23. Awesome Sunnypaw-

    It costs less money to buy a year membership than it does to buy a month membership every month. And I think that like the animals, the first seven pets should be nonmember and the rest member. And a nonmember only pet would be unfair.

  24. Aww man!!!!! Yup, it's me, mscute555! I also saw that there is no mOre daily gift bonus! Dang. Well my friend said horses are coming tomorrow. It's 2012 Jan. 4. Anyway, wahoo and good luck I'll meet ya on aj tomorrow 3:00 pm I think.

  25. Awesome Sunnypaw-memberships help make new stuff on ANIMAL JAM, such as new lands and whatnot, cuz they need money to update the website... From, icylu1


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