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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Temple of Zios Journey Book Help

Need help with the Journey Book in the Lost Temple of Zios? Here is how to find everything:


The colugo usually rests over by the unidentified building to the left of the Lost Temple of Zios.

It will also glide around. It glides by the area in between the two buildings.

It doesn't always appear - if you don't see it there, you will have to leave the room and come back. It may take a few visits for it to appear.


The dragonfly will fly around the Lost Temple of Zios. It can be hard to click on it since it mpves kind of quickly.

It will stop flying for a few seconds when it reaches the Temple of Trivia building.

That's your chance to click it! It doesn't always appear, so if you don't see it, you will have to leave the room and come back. You may have to do that a few times.


The hibiscus bush is located between the two buildings. You will have to walk far back to find it.

It is always there, and it doesn't move or anything (since it's a plant. :L )

Monitor Lizard

The monitor lizard appears on the rock wall by the pond.

It sometimes appears by the other rock wall by the path to Brady Barr's Lab.

Random AJ history fact:
The Monitor Lizard first appeared in Canyons Pathway in April


The needlefish can be found in the pond. They will swim around constantly.

Pitcher Plant

The pitcher plant is found on the Temple of Trivia building.

It's the plant that the dragonfly stops at. :P

Praying Mantis

The praying mantis appears in the middle of the Chamber of Knowledge building and Brady Barr's Lab.


If you see this mouse near the entrance of the Chamber of Knowledge, click on it.

A few seconds later, the python will appear and scare away the mouse.

Random AJ history fact:
That mouse first appeared on the beta main screen of AJ, and on a beta advertisement.


The turtle usually appears in the bottom-right of the Lost Temple of Zios.

You might have to leave and come back a few times to find it.

Vine Snake

The vine snake sometimes appears on the exit arch.

Water Strider

The water strider appears in the lake, by the little cave.

 Yay! Now you have found everything.

 Click the gift box to claim your prize - an Elephant Throne


  1. Actually, the lizard in Canyons Pathway was a Gila monster, not a monitor lizard.

  2. Very helpful, thanks!!!!

  3. It was hard for me to find the Python (last one D: ) but then I saw a mouse I decided to click in case it was on the list. (even when I didn't see a mouse on the list. :P) I saw the PYTHON! I was so happy I clicked it so fast.when did you finish it?

  4. Piplup131415-
    If I'm not mistaken, they used the same animamation for both.

  5. THANKS! i check your blog ALL the time because it helps me in every way! thanks again! bye....p.s my username is jordan16817


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