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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trading and Dinner Party

To get to an AJ party, click this symbol on the top-left corner.

There are currently 4 parties in Jamaa. The Dinner Party, Trading Party, 2012 Party, and the Play Wild Party.The two newest parties are the Dinner Party and Trading Party. Now, I'll show you the key points of the Trading Party.

The Trading Party takes place in a castle den, but with a snowier theme. There are special claw machines in this party.

Here is what the claw looks like:

Here is a list of things available in these claw machines:
• Gloves
• Scary Horns
• Freedom Hat
• Wreath Necklace
• Bat Glasses
• Fancy Top Hat (new item)
• Horned Leg Pads (new item (from Best Dressed)

Also, here are the available colors of the Fancy Top Hats and Horned Leg Pads:

Fancy Top Hat:

Horned Leg Pads:

 The Fancy Top Hats first appeared on the Jam a Gram sent to Jammers without a membership for January:

Here are just some pictures of the party itself:

Part of the castle (notice the snowy theme):

More snow:

Even more snow:

A campfire on a brick path outside the castle:

A new part of the castle (located on the bottom-left):

A trading post by a claw:

A small pot of gems (I felt the need to take a picture of it. Come on, it's cute! :P)

Another claw and trading post:

And... That's pretty much it. There isn't a shop in this party, but the awesome claw machine prizes make up for it. ;)

Soon: Dinner Party

~See ya


  1. u can get freedom hats in the trading party claw maichine 2

  2. Maybe 1st commnet... =\ anyways when ever there are trading parties i always have to go to schooL!!! Urrrrg and instead of school missing the trading party I'm going out to lunch and a volley ball game!

  3. Those gems are cute, but why are they cute?

  4. You can get gloves? Wow, I didn't know that. Non member gloves? What colors?

  5. I got scary horns from the claw at the trading party. :P

  6. Isn't it a great party?

  7. Witchhat The Hats will say 2012 if you PLAY on a tiger also :D


  8. I know a new glitch now. Its the one Prettyrose92 had in her den. First, do the glitch where your a land animal above water. Second, go to someones den. Third, go to your den and switch to a underwater den. Forth,the person's den should let you be a tiny leaping tiger, or a animal that can only be underwater!
    And you can switch your den to any den, and their den will be it!

    Just saying a new glitch.


  9. Fuzzy is BACK!

  10. On the picture above the pot of gems on the left of the claw there is a VERY strange plant..

  11. you can also get bat glasses

  12. Yes, the small pot of gems IS cute. (: However, the claw is rather mean to me as it gives me the exact colors I don`t want. Oh well.


  13. Hey bloggers are ripping me off! I am the first one to report this stuff about fuzzy shy ivy returning. But these people who found out by me are taking all the credit! Please, please write a post on your bg saying how I found out fuzzy is back. Please.
    Your friend superjake02
    P.s we've met but you never added me so I guess I shouldn't put it as your friend.

    1. Sorry,but I didn't want any credit anyway and I am sticking to May's/Witch's blog.
      P.S.Not that Fuzzy's blog is bad.
      P.S.S.First comment!

  14. There is someone who got freedom bands in the claw...

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Well, maybe you just aren't very understanding. I get about 100 comments a day, and it's hard for me to read them all at once! >.< There goes your last chance. And my blog is a news site, not a site to feature things. Almost every blogger asks me to post about there blog or about them. I have to keep my blog about news and glitches. If you don't like the way I run my blog, you don't need to keep viewing my blog. I'll let you make one more comment before I make your comments go into my spam folder. If it's mean, don't bother wasting your time typing it, since I won't read it. I can tell if it's a mean comment before I even read it. You have to understand...
      • Running this blog is extremely hard for me
      • I don't get a chance to read EVERY comment the day they are posted, since I get so many
      • I forgave you the last time. Like I said, I don't get a chance to read every comment at first
      • I don't ignore anyone
      • My life is hard too, which makes it 100x harder to run the blog

      Come back when you understand this stuff, okay? I might have to get GuardianAgent out here... :<

    2. Sorry,off topic but who is GuardianAgent?

    3. well this is... fun? "hey trickertree pass the popcorn!"

  16. sorry for all the comments ppl give you WitchHatBunny sorry for the one IM giving you too... well anyways i LOVE the glitches in ur blog it helps me SOOOO much well thats all so bai! -naf

  17. hi witch hat bunny, yo have the best blog ever and i wish you a happy new year..... search me up on aj. my user is: bigfoot2001. hopefully we can meet up some time????

  18. it not fair on the claw machine lovelost i thought u said there where gloves in it acctually no there is not i try and try and try but no glove please reply me

  19. there are 2 claw machines! one on the main floor and onother on the top floor i konw a glitch

  20. i got 16 items in a row from a glitch i found out! I'm SweetiepieSugarland! My family picked out the name! Embarresing! blushes

  21. You can get gloves in the claw machine i tried it once and i got a cream glove

  22. I never knew you could get a glove in the claw machine! Is it just a cream colored? That makes me wanna never give up in the claw machines! Thanks so much!! You're blog helps me so much throughout the game! I really love it! Please keep blogging, and never EVER stop!


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