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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Since apparently glitches aren't "interesting", I decided to make a Twitter account. If you don't know what Twitter is, it's basically a social networking site where you can post updates and stuff. You can click here to get to Twitter. I'll try to use my Twitter account constantly so I can keep you up to date on everything that I don't get to post on the blog. I'll also feature someone's blog every once in a while. C: Anyway, click here to go to my Twitter page: Click here

It's been a while since I used Twitter, so I'm kind of bad at it. :l

And... That's it.
~See ya


  1. You mentioned on their a wolf glitch you wanted...take a look at my yesterdays post glitch about wolves...Hope it helps! :D


  2. Thanks for following me although mine isn't about AJ it's about random stuff and family time XD BTW did you follow me before this post or after? I was surprised you followed me! lol Thanks again!

  3. BTW how DID you find out about my twitter?? lol

  4. EternalClaw-
    (My reply button doesn't work on this computer. :l )
    After I followed @PlayAnimalJam (AJ's official Twitter), your Twitter just popped up. :\ I can unfollow you if you want me to.

  5. @May

    Ohhhh.... that's howw XD
    Well it's your choice would you like to unfollow me?
    BTW How did my twitter pop up?
    Sorry for these questions

  6. Twitter? o3o How old are you then? ... TWITTER.


  7. AJ rocks, but I've never used Twitter... :L Cool idea though! :D

  8. I follow you on twitter Witch Hat Bunny! 6 comment 2 >=D

  9. cool! maybe my mom will let me follow you.... :L

  10. Are you the most followed Aj Player??! :D


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