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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Animal

AJHQ has revealed that a new animal will be coming!

Here is the picture they gave:

I am pretty sure that this new animal will be...


They didn;t say when they will come out, but I can guess it will be a few weeks.

Coral Fence Peice and Chat Box

Lionfish Fin Armor is gone,but the other two Lionfish items stayed.

Anyway, today's new item is in the underwater den shop, Sunken Treasures:

Also, you may have noticed that I removed the Chat Box from the side. I am going to replace the chat box, and it will be back up within a few days.

Worn Blankets - Are They Coming Back?

As you probably know, they are now selling purple worn blankets (called Rare Worn Blanket) in the new Leap Year party.

And we also know that worn blankets are one of the most popular items.

Much like gloves (when they were rare), so many Jammers are suggesting they bring them back.

Back when regular worn blankets were available, they costed about 25 gems, and could be recyled for 7 gems.

Now, since these new Rare Worn Blankets came out, they now can be recyled for 15 gems!

But... why?

Well, back in beta times, most items had very cheap prices. Skullies were 10 gems, Cat Hats were 80 gems (now are 150 gems), and Top Hats were 150 gems.

The Cat Hats for example, were brought back at a more expensive price.

So, since Worn Blankets now recyle for more, which means it is more expensive, does this mean they are coming back in the near future? Well, let's hope so! ;)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Year Party!

Have you been to the new party? You can buy some awesome things there! Like Orange Top Hats ;)

So here are the pictures:

When you get in:

If you click on the 29 symbol, you gte these facts:

This party won't be around again until 2016, so you should try to get there! (The Party will be unavailable from March 3rd and onward)

Me sitting with my buddy psnr123:

Oh yeah, and I am using the account WitchHatBunny for these pictures.

Walking up the treehouse:

Click on the stand with the books to open a shop:

The shop...

All of these items have the word "Rare" in them.
Here are the item names in order:
Rare Wood Fence
Rare Table With Orb
Rare Stone Chair
Rare Skinny Lamp
Rare Floor Lamp
Rare Magic Mirror
A table (with unreleased green teacups):

You can click on of those icecream sodas to get one floating next to your animal (like at the Dinner Party)

Click the stand that says "Sale" for another shop!

The shop...

2nd Page...

Item names in order:
Rare Necklace
Rare Beard
Rare Top Hat
Rare Worn Blanket
Rare Shark Fin
Rare Wings

Rare Jester Hat
Rare Phantom Hat
Rare Chicken Hat
Rare Elf Helmet
Rare Elf Armor
Rare Leg Armor

None of these items are color changable, and are all based off of other items. Regular Shark Fins were never yet released, so I wonder why they released a rare version of it before they came out... ;)

At the top:

There is a special claw here:

The only items you get from this claw are Lion Plushies!

The Ssllliiiiiiidddddeeeee:

And here is that wooden X:

My predection about Crystal Sands was wayyy off... I guess you should never trust a bunny with a red top hat! :P

Leap Year

There is a new party on the party list!

I haven't been there yet, but I will have pictures when I do!
So I guess this is the awesome thing for the Leap Year. Let's just hope it is awesome!

"Rare" Monday

AJHQ claims that Lionfish Armor is today's rare, as shown here:

First of all, these were sold a week ago (click here). And second, these were never rare before.

So I guess we won't be actually having Rare Monday anymore.

They I noticed how they don't sell this armor in that yellow color. So why are they showing it in the picture?

I don't know about that, but I guess Lionfish Armor is on clearance now.

EDIT: Cisabella says it's most likely that ALL of the lionfish things will be out of stores tomorrow, so be sure to buy everything while you can!

EDIT 2: AJ also showed this picture:

I guess this does mean that Lionfish armor items will leave soon!

No Rare Monday (AGAIN) and New Stuff

Once again, AJHQ forgotten about today's rare.
It will be out later though. But I hope they don't forget again...

Anyway, in the Flag Shop is the new Georgia flag.

And in Bahari Bargains is Lionfish Fin Armor.

Leap Year

As we know from the Jamaa Newspaper, something "amazing" is coming for the leap year.

But what is coming to Jamma for the leap year?

Look in the background, and you can see a leafy slide. If you look closely at the sides of the slide, you can see shadows of leaves, which must mean the slide is in a place with trees.

Let's compare that picture with this:

The main thing I see in both pictures is the X made of wood.

So that leaves me wondering if the "awesome" thing will have to do with Crystal Sands.

What do you think?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Giant Penguin Plushie and New Animal Name

In the Animal Museum, you can get the new Giant Penguin Plushie:

Also, when you are making a new animal, there is a new name you can pick for your animal!

I made a new bunny with that name.

Thanks gingerpawz for finding this! ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lionfish Helmet

In the underwater clothing store, Bahari Bargains, you can get the new Lionfish Helmet to go with the Lionfish Armor!