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Monday, February 13, 2012

Fountain Glitch and Medusa Reminder

In Jamma Township, it is possible to get into the fountain. Here is how:

First go to the fountain:

Then, click the left side of the fountain.

And then click the right side.

Keep clicking both sides until you get into the fountain.
It's pretty simple to do, but it can be hard sometimes.

Also, AJ HQ sent out this message:

You better get a Medusa mask before they go!


  1. HIIII!!! Awesome glitch! I have to do a study guide bye!

  2. Wow cool glitch! I know the valentine party glitch! it on my blog :D

  3. thats really cool and OW! MY EYE I HAV SOAP IN MY EYE!

  4. I am the I like trains kidFebruary 14, 2012 at 12:29 AM

    I like singing! I like dancing......I LIKE TRAINS*rainbows fly around love lost blog and ur computer gets exploded by a train *

    1. I can't wait to try that glich. It looks so so so so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. A fountain that doesn't grant wishes >.>

  6. Omg that is such a cool glitch.Do any of you know the friendship party glitch?

  7. I didn't even buy a Medusa Mask.. They just aren't interesting.

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    That's my blog link I just started it plz veiw and comment and tell me what you think! :D it would be great if you did.

  9. Nice, Nice. I am going to try this LOL. >.> watch me fail~

    Please check meh blog out~ I've been working on it :)

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  11. well i found that when a seal is in the fountain i ask the seal she or he i don't remember really long ago 2011 and i guess and i did it so it was in december i guess that is how you spell it tho.

  12. What's the medusa mask worth...?



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