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Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Year Party!

Have you been to the new party? You can buy some awesome things there! Like Orange Top Hats ;)

So here are the pictures:

When you get in:

If you click on the 29 symbol, you gte these facts:

This party won't be around again until 2016, so you should try to get there! (The Party will be unavailable from March 3rd and onward)

Me sitting with my buddy psnr123:

Oh yeah, and I am using the account WitchHatBunny for these pictures.

Walking up the treehouse:

Click on the stand with the books to open a shop:

The shop...

All of these items have the word "Rare" in them.
Here are the item names in order:
Rare Wood Fence
Rare Table With Orb
Rare Stone Chair
Rare Skinny Lamp
Rare Floor Lamp
Rare Magic Mirror
A table (with unreleased green teacups):

You can click on of those icecream sodas to get one floating next to your animal (like at the Dinner Party)

Click the stand that says "Sale" for another shop!

The shop...

2nd Page...

Item names in order:
Rare Necklace
Rare Beard
Rare Top Hat
Rare Worn Blanket
Rare Shark Fin
Rare Wings

Rare Jester Hat
Rare Phantom Hat
Rare Chicken Hat
Rare Elf Helmet
Rare Elf Armor
Rare Leg Armor

None of these items are color changable, and are all based off of other items. Regular Shark Fins were never yet released, so I wonder why they released a rare version of it before they came out... ;)

At the top:

There is a special claw here:

The only items you get from this claw are Lion Plushies!

The Ssllliiiiiiidddddeeeee:

And here is that wooden X:

My predection about Crystal Sands was wayyy off... I guess you should never trust a bunny with a red top hat! :P


  1. Snowflake SpiritstarFebruary 27, 2012 at 9:28 PM


    Thank you for posting my picture with you!
    Thanks for buying me those items!
    (I hope I was not selfish...)

    How can I ever repay you!?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?


    P.S First comment! (maybe)

  2. You always find a way to be funny... I love it

  3. Awesome! I was on AJ when the Leap Party was out, but I can't go to them because of loading parties... some of my friends sent me a few of the rare items, so right now I have a worn, shark fin, the armor, 2 lion plushies, and a white phantom. I wish I could go to one, but I doubt I will ever be able to.

  4. It is one of the best parties ever on AJ! I bought 3 of each item sold at that party! :P

  5. Omg!!!! So not fair!!! I don't have my computer and I am using my iPad. Please please I beg you send me the items , someone please!! I really want the top hat , worn, shark fin,beard, necklace,phantom hat, chicken hat, leg armor,and jester hat. Plzzz help me!! I will be sooo happy if someone sends me them!!! Please I beg you!! I won't have a chance!! Please. I trust someone to get me these items!! I will reward you! Please please please,. I am XSilverXWolfX

    1. i am not a member but i will send u a worn, shark fin and rare river necklace :)

    2. I will send you all of them

  6. OMG! So much new things I love them all!!! And psnr123 is my buddy too. :P
    And LoveLost, your blog is AWESOME I love it!!! Keep it up!!!

  7. didnt u change ur name to lovelost? because in the first picture on ur name tag from were u change ur look under tht it says witchhatbunny i dont get it wht happened to love lost!!!??
    -by coolmind1999

    1. I said in the post that I used the account WItchHatBunny for this post. Make sure you read the entire post ;)

  8. Hey lovelost I cant wait to go to that party you make it sound so cool only 10 more minutes!

  9. LOL Now i Know Why They used frogs for the "Leap Year Party" Cause well duh frogs LEAP XD

  10. I got a rare lion plushie, it is a blue lion with an eyepatch.

  11. Hi lovelost! I have a rare little lion plushie! It's all blue and the item it has is a pirate eyepatch.

    P.S. I think your blog is really resourceful and things! *Thumbs up*

  12. thanks so much i missed the party from slow internet.:-( but now i can tell my friends i have been there p.s i think these stuff well be on for rare monday! wait i know!

  13. Too bad I started after this party was released. :( still 2016 is on its was!

  14. lol skrubs only remember this


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