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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Membership Ad Mistakes

I was exploring the membership ad that you get if you aren;t a member when you try to do member things (like buying member clothes) and noticed some mistakes. The first one is on the pet page.

In the middle, it says "COLLECT up to 8 pets!"

But members can have up to 12 pets, not 8. I guess they forgot to update it when more slots were available.

See? Notice there are twelve slots, and in the bottom-right corner, it even says "0/12".

The second mistake I found is with the nametags. Use a nonmember account, and on the customization screen, click your nametag:

This shuld come up, like it normlly would:

If you click on of the badges on the right, this membership message should come up (like it normally should):

But if you click on a colored name tag, this comes up:

That is the message you are supposed to get when you try changing colors of ITEMS, not nametags. The message that sgould appear is the one above this one.


  1. First comment (I think) nice post! You're SO cool, LoveLost! Actually, I think you are one of my best ONLINE friends.

  2. but it cn b nametags to

  3. Mistakey mistakey.
    This is a random comment. I don't know what to comment about. :/

  4. They just didnt make the note update.We used o have 8.They just didnt fix it yet...see ya soon! ~OakPelt

  5. mistake ! mistake ! they should pay pay attention to stuff !

    this is professor sneezyscout

  6. lol
    i wanna check that out on my storage: tatiletz1


  7. Replying to your comment on my picture:
    "Amazing drawings! I can draw, but only on paper..."
    Me too, I'm an artist on paper but not on computer paint.
    To take the picture I used a camera, then I uploaded them onto the computer.

  8. Awesome, I DID get first comment! :3

  9. Now they fixed it. ;)

    - Ganimal151

  10. hi! i have a blog its animaljammoon.bolgspot.com i just started it. :)

  11. lolz! That is pretty weird they need to fix tht >.< -Scooter7722

  12. That awkward moment when you arent familiar with whats going on... Seriously, i dont play AJ anymore, so i really have NO idea what youre talking about. Someone, explain??
    In Distress,

  13. You are have should issues. LOL sgould, shuld..... Alright, even great bloggers mess up :)
    rex16000 (greaT eyes)

  14. wow your good at spotting mistakes i just hope my website wont have any mistakes


  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. You must delete the comment above... it's inappropriate. Anyways, they did fix the "Members can collect up to eight pets" thing.


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