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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Code and Happy Valentine's Day!

There is a new code!
The code is...


The codes gives you 100 gems.

This code will only work until February 29th.

AJ HQ also sent this message to some Jammers:

Me and HQ wish you all a happy Friendship Festival and Valentine's Day!

And on AJHQ's official blog, they have this artwork for hte newest accesory:

I don't know why, I just found it pretty cool. :P


  1. I love when you find new interesting and fascinating news! You inspired my blog. I hope we are BFF's FOEVER! :D You are really one of my only friends! You, trickertreee, Spino, Octo, ginger paws, iloveai5678,seal77899. Those and a couple more. People who like I feel use me are stallion, frost, and more. It's good to have a true friend like you May!

  2. Oh and the link for the ajhq blog. You left the first a in animal so it actual to me to a website called nimaljam.com

  3. Happy Valentines day to you jammers!!!!!!!

  4. @LoveLost... I tried to go to the link... but u forgot the "A" in blog.Animaljam.com! D:


  5. omg ur blog is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  6. dude! add me as lovelost!!!! u seem to use it alll the time noow and i miss WitchHatBunny!!!!!! pleeease!!!

  7. you too thank you.

  8. I clicked the link to AJHQ's blog, and it took me to some sort of health website...

    1. Oh, weird!! ^.^
      P.S And funny!! XXDD


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