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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Meteorite

Medusa Masks are out of shops, and the new Crater With Meteorite is in!

At Epic Wonders...

The Spaceship Command is also out of shops.

If you put this new item in your den, it will change between darkish green to light green.
This item can be seen in the Sol Arcade.


  1. 1st comment its cool but quite expensive >.<

  2. RANDOM PEOPLE KEEP GOING TO MY DEN!! THEMAGICSEAL WENT THERE RANDOMLY... Then when i left, her buddy (i think) was with her!!!!!!! i dont want to be rude if your reading this, though. just, please...................!
    REX16000 who has visitors randomly (this is like the fifth time! my buddy traded with someone and a white lion was talking to osmeone in my den, he said he had nothingg to do with it. i believe that.) Happy valentines day!

  3. Happy valentines day!!!!! :) :D ;)

  4. The Meteorite is cool, but I still think they sell too much items. I hope the penguins come out on Thursday. We also need more pet and animal slots. :/

  5. First comment (maybe) sorry if I get second or something! Lol, horseyhorse wants one... I want to give her one but I can't! I don't have enough gems...

  6. wow so cool! -.- P.S. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY LOVELOST! -Scooter7722

  7. It looks awesome in dens! :D i want to get one :)


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