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Friday, February 3, 2012

Party Remeinder and Trading Party Glitch

First of all, my Valentine's Day Party is coming soon! In case you forgot, here is the party info:

Time - 4:30 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Date - Saturday the 4th
Room - Mt. Shiveer (by the campfire)
Server - Nile
I hope you can come! ...And I hope I don't miss the party again...

You will have to watch my Twitter page to find me when the party is going on.

Now, the Trading Party wall glitch!

This glitch may take a while to get it to work. The glitch was discovered by Komodo15168. Dolphina was the one to tell me about it.

Start under the Sir Gilbert/tiger shaman statue.

You will have to click these things repetitively very fast.
The mane of the statue...

And the middle of the chain...

As mentioned, it may take a while to get it to work.

Eventually, you should be in the frozen lake or the wall!

Now you can explore! Here are some pictures:

Me going down the waterfall:

Me on some trees:

Floating over the mountains:

On a ledge:

On the frozen lake:

Me and horseyhorse in trees:

And... that's it. I hope you enjoy this glitch!

Also, there is a chance that penguins will be for everyone, not just members.

Notice that it says "Early access to new animals"

Seals were originally members-only, and later became available to everyone. That is what they mean by early access - at first, they will be for members only, and then they will be for everyone. And since this image was taken yesterday (so it's recent), this may apply to penguins too! No one can be sure though... But we can hope for the best!


  1. I hope if penguins and more animals are available for nonmembers, then the slots on switching animals bak n forth should be extended too........if it is not too much to ask for....:P

    -a nonmember on animal jam(this is not the username:)

  2. Wait a sec, if it's eastern time, then what time will 4:30 be in Pacific time? Because I live on the Pacific side

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. OMG yaaaayz! I can MAYBE get a penguin! wHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  5. Where are you at the party?


  6. Iv'e been to your den Witch. It's great!

  7. hi WitchHatBunny i was assuming u could help me... i just dont kno where to click like...do u click on the tip of his mane? or do u just click his mane? its kinda confusing and the chain part is hard and sometimes i mess up so i cant really do it so plzz help *asap* thnx


    1. Just click anywhere in the top of the main and the chain. Like I said in he post, it doesn't always work.

    2. well its really hard it gets me confused alot

    3. like when i click his mane i go inside and then i click the chain it doesn't work maybe u should do a video for me showing how do u do it and thnx for sharing this glitch hope u can do the video soon


    4. and btw is it like temple of zios?


  8. theres a new glitch underwater! but its small...


  9. How do u do the underwater glitch.

  10. Yay can't wait for the trading party to start xD


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