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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Penguins are here!

And... they are for members only. That's a disappointment... :<
Like I mentioned in an earlier post, penguins can also go under water.

They made some changes to the "My Animals" page...

Now you have to pay gems to get a new animal. Before, if you deleted an animal, you would get to make a new one for free, but now you have to pay 1000 gems every time! Another disappointment... D:
And the animals you use most go on the top of your list now.

There is new toys in the Phantom Invasion game in the Sol Arcade. The game is also different now.

To play the game, just click "Fire" at the right time.

The game certainly is easier! I wonder if you can get seal plushies now...

I won this penguin toy:

There is also a new party.

I haven't been there myself, but I'll get there as soon as I can to take pictures!

There are two new Jam a Grams...

And the winning Jam a Gram from the Jam a Gram Contest is...

Cute! There is also a new "Happy leap year!" message you can add to Jam a Grams.

This was my friend DoomDesire's entry:

Speaking of leap years...

My guess is it will either be a new room, or a new den! In that picture, there is a grassy slide, which may be a hint!

Oh, I almost forgot!
In Jam Mart Clothing...

Curly Wings are back! They come in these colors...

Also on the fifth page, are Medusa Masks and Gloves...

I spent so many gems on those masks, and they aren't even rare anymore... What ever happened to Rare Items Monday? Aren't they supposed to come back for ONE day only?
And Medusa Masks are now more expensive (like they weren't already expensive)

In Epic Wonders, there is a new page in the furniture catalog. And it disappointed me a lot...

All that expensive stuff I bought for clearance are now back... Why did they put them on clearance and just bring them back?

In the Music Shop, you can get Sol Arcade music.

In the Animal Museum, you can get the new Penguin Banner:

And you can get the new shaman statue in the Mystery Emporium:

Just like how they names the horse shaman, the penguin shaman is named Penguin...

And if you are a member, you can get this new badge for your nametag:


  1. Disappointment indeed. D:
    Maybe, though, since leap year is kinda an 'odd' year, because of the 29th, maybe that day, AJ will be swung back into Beta! :D Then we'd all get to see the dens and all that.....

  2. NO! I bought all 16 animal slots but I don't use all of them, I save them for when I want to make another animal then I just recycle it. I usually don't have hardly any gems too! And haven't we had enough of gloves! Oh, and first comment (I think)

  3. First comment! cheese.. Doomdesire, i like ur jamagram :) and too bad for the members only i wasnt sure so i checked... BUMMER :(
    rex16000 i rlly want a blog!

  4. Hi LoveLost! Did you know there are penguin plushies too! I thought I was finished with my collection :3 but i guess they keep adding plushies when they make new animals XD

  5. 1st comment i discoverd a clothing glitch on the penguin u will need : heart locket (any couler)
    do the action dance and it keeps disapeering

  6. This update really dissapoints me. Here are the good things about it:
    -Penguins are here! (Best thing about this update)
    -Phantom Invasion is easier to play.
    -New Heatwave Party!
    -New Jam a Grams.

    Bad things about the update:
    -Penguins are for members.
    -You have to pay 1000 gems everytime you get a new animal! This really makes me sad.
    -They sold Curly Wigs again.
    -They are selling Medusa Masks and GLOVES AGAIN. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO STOP SELLING GLOVES??!!
    -Medusa Masks are more expensive!
    -On-clearace-recently-Epic Wonder items are back! This really makes me sad.
    -They called the penguin shaman name "Penguin." Boring name.

    All of these gem prices raising means one thing, AJ wants you to spend more time on the game, its really sad. I think with all these prices going high, Jammers will beg even more because they can't afford it. Why o' why was old AJ removed!? :'(

    1. Ya The medusa mask used to be 900 gems, its too bad, AND Medusa Masks should be Halloween!

    2. Okay, like, I think we all agree. I hate everything about this update. It all sucks. Penguins suck. Now I just deleted all of my animals yesterday so I could make a new set today. Wow. The New Heatwave party is boring.. all of this new stuff that is BORING is out. It's such a repeat, such a RIP-OFF!!!

      My god this new update is so awesome! Wow, totally not. I'm just so angry, I can't make a new set of animals now... what really upset me was this. The update made animal jam worse, not better. This is just... *screams*

    3. i like the updat!
      rex16000 (i know i spelled update wrong)

  7. Wow, The clearances stuff coming back is... wow. I can't believe it...

    Awesome penguins!

    1. I can't believe it either. I am really dissapointed in AJ.

  8. Lovelost, i found a glitch!
    its not major, though.
    Be a penguin, winter blanket (purple works), sleep. This can be done anywhere. If you use this (though you dont have to) can i have the credit??? you know, i find weird stuff on aj for some reason, anyway, its just kinda fun. look under ur nametag when you do this XD
    its cool.

  9. I love and hate the update.. But the good thing is that my jam-a-gram picture is on the bulletin board! It looks like 2 seals hugging and it says Best Buds! Hope you like it!
    P.S in the phantom invasion, the faster the ship the better chance of rare toy, the slower the not rare toy.

  10. FYI hover your mouse over your OFFLINE friends and it says the last time they were online ! :3 hope it helped.

  11. There's some glitches with the headress. When you sleep 2 things happen. 1. The headress goes through the floor and 2. A dot appears.
    An I can't find the second page of epic wonders and the gloves and medusa masks.

    Plus, in your photo of the second page of Epic Wonders, wheres the cake and bake? Is it on the second page? Just curious.

    Thats all.

  12. Hay I looked everywhere for gloves but there not in stores anymore what a shame! :( -scooter7722

  13. :....( Now I cant have a black locket.

    1. T.T LoveLost I am not begging you I just wanted to ask if you have a extra black locket that we can trade if not its OK here is what I can trade:
      *Halloween lights
      *Penguin toy(NOT from the claw)+Rhino toy of the same kind
      *Purple leg armor
      *Animal day flag
      And basically that's it but there is some stuff on my trade list too.


    3. :...D thank you soooooooooooooo veeeeeeeeeeeeery much!

  14. Yep, there are seal toys! I have one on my storage Spottedleaf952. Her den will be unlocked, so if you want to see it and take a picture, feel free!

  15. i got a seal toy from phantom invasion

  16. You update so fast! what grade are you in, shouldnt you be at school? How the fast updates? Or are you home schooled?

  17. Gloves are not major... Gloves are a normal item just like a necklace

  18. Hmm...
    wonder why AJ brought back all the "monday rares".

    well i luv ur blog LoveLost :)

  19. Wow one of the strangest updates yet...
    Are there pengiun plushies?

  20. heeeeeeeeeey plz check out my blog.

  21. I don't like the idea of the slot thing. It's dissapointing.

  22. There is a penguin sea glitch.Ill list the steps:
    •well have a penguin
    •go to any ocean
    •have flame pattern on penguin (any color)
    •hit 'play'
    The bubbles change color according to the flames!And if you have a skeleton suit put it on and have 100percent black bubbles.
    PS: I think animaljam will come out with perhaps a new land on leap year! I bet it will have a leafy slide like Sarepia, but well made of leaves. You rock Lovelost!!!

  23. The Thing I hate MOST OF ALL is that now we have to pay 1000 gems just to buy a new animal im mean seriously! D:<

  24. Lovelost, I have a guess at the new leap year update!
    On some of the newspapers, they talked about 'There may be OTHER ways to get the brand new LION!' Hmm, Lions? Backround is a JUNGLE? It's all very mysterious, actually this is a good theory! (Well, along with a new den, wink wink)
    The One and only, rex16000 P.s please check out my den and send me a jamagram if you like it!

  25. if you press "Play" on the penguin underwater you do blue bubbles but if you wear a skeleton suit and press "Play" you do black bubbles it's awesome :)

  26. hi lovelost!

    I found a glitch a while ago before i discovered this website. I was at school, and i got on animal jam. At my school you can't play on animal jam. It only lets you get on for a few minutes at least. so i got on for a few minutes and i want to coral canyons. when it was half loaded, i clicked the switch animal button and some items popped up. there were no pictures of the items but it said pink something ( i cant remember. ) it said it cost 999,999 and i owned one of them. there were different slots, and two or three said that. the rest were blank.


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