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Monday, February 13, 2012

Rare Item Monday and New Stuff

This week's rare item for Monday are Medusa Masks!

They can be found on the 5th page of Jam Mart Clothing. Here are the colors they come in:

I certainly wasn't expecting these to come back any time soon!

Also in Jam Mart Clothing is the new Heart Antennae Headband:

They come in these colors:

And in the Flag Shop, you can get the new Dominican Republic flag:

It looks like they forgot to detail it's icon...


  1. Mabey because AJ wants ppl to keep trading? Because I've heard complaints about Rare Mondays and how ppl want things to still be rare and they're problem bringing those heart attenaes to make them rare

  2. When are there going to be nonmember rare items...? I'm dieing to buy them...:P

  3. 2 comment yay by the way i was the one who asked for the dominican republic flag they listend to me

  4. Hey people! I just opened a blog about AJ and I want some of you guys to see it! Heres the link: http://animaljamglobal.blogspot.com/

    Please visit and comment so I know you visited! (You dont have to..)


  5. OMG the heart headbands r so cute :D

  6. COOL! The antennaes are pretty "sweet" :D lolz, get it? XD

  7. I seriously think AJ is selling WAY TOO MUCH items. I hope Thursday's update will make me feel better. :/

  8. Lovelost! peguins are coming on the 16th! :D check the jamma calender!
    Jam On!

  9. Awwwwww. Not like I'm sad or anything that Top Hats didn't come out or anything else rare, that would have sucked big time. But I wish one of the never-before-released Best Dressed items would come out for Rare Item Mondays.

  10. WOW I really didnt excpect for the medusa mask too come back! That was really REALLY random xD

  11. May or can I call you that?,mm I commented a comment on breadstick the croc blog and wanted to ask if you can publish it if you can this was NOT a hate comment.
    P.S. can we call you Lost for the short name (like we did for may and witch) I mean if you dont mind that is.

  12. I love the new headbands!!Also this is my favorite blog about AJ of all time and the first on I have ever seen!
    (Lol I have not been commenting for a while but, here I am lol)


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