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Friday, February 3, 2012

Shadow Garden

The Royal Garden item from Epic Wonders is now gone! It's been replaced by the Shadow Garden.

The clearance has also changed a bit:

Feast Tables and Giant Rare Wolf Plushies are no longer on clearance. I guess the other items will leave the shops soon, so get yours while you can!


  1. YAY!!! no more pink garden and finally something spooky!! now if they could just make a cave....

  2. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but I know some members that would really love the shadow garden. =l

  3. I saw that shadow garden coming. Now my friend owes me some rares. YAY! XD

  4. Hey may! Could you also make a post about my new party den? I'm trying to spread the word because it's for o ther people to host parties in. If they want to they just need to meet me on animal jam and reserve a day for it. Please reply,
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  5. Hi my name is Scourgeisawesome, and can I ask, can you please buy me a shadow garden LoveLost?

  6. lovelost if u ever see me in aj i might be saying any dude koalas or any dude penguins. my user name is koalaluv22 (^._.^)l

  7. What is it worth though as of 2016? Jamagram me at jammer00001


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