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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sol Arcade

If you didn;t know already, a new room opened up - the Sol Arcade. The Medical Center was replaced by the arcade. To get to the aracde, go to Jamaa Township and find this rocket ship:

Here is what it looks like from the inside:

Since it's a new room, it's pretty crowded. There are tons of games in here!

The Claw:

Here are more game machines:

More game machines:

More games, a closed off room, and a... meteor?

More games (yay, Fruit Slinger!)

Even more games:

Click on this UFO thing to open the shop:

Here is what they sell:

 So that's why the game machines were remived from the Mystery Emporium - the games were moved to this shop! There is also new Fruit Slinger and Pilbugs machines.

There is also a new game - Phantom Invasion!

This game costs 10 gems to play.

To play, press one of the buttons that say "FIRE".

If you pick the right color, you will destroy the alien phantom, and win a prize!

You will get an animal toy! They are small den items. Here is how big they are when you put them in your den:

They can all be recyled for 45 gems.

Here are all the toys you can get:

 I believe there is also a seal toy.

There is a covered up machine in Sol Arcade too.

Maybe it's going to be a combonation of every game in Jamaa?

Finally, the game that gives x2 gems this update is... Eat 'Em Up


  1. How do you know what color for the phantom invasion? ps first comment

  2. First comment!(maybe) wow awesome :D this is cool thanks for putting so much work into your blog! you never know how hard it is till you start blogging ^.^

  3. Private Message to WitchHatBunny


    can we private chat on your witchhatbunny twitter account please?


  4. I'm missing the rhino and the bunny now.

    1. Mighty Toughmaster,

      how do you get ur little icon photo of your wolf on to here? Please reply!


  5. i am missing the wolf only..! Oh and by the way there is a seal! It llooks like a girl, and its standing on its tail. it took me 30 minutes to get it! so its really rare!!

  6. the phantom thing is imposible! :(

  7. Dear WitchHatBunny/LoveLost,
    I got the toys: Wolf Toy.
    No others. >:/ Please invite me to your party! My username is:


    If you have a worn, just asking...Can I have it? I got scammed and lost it. The scammer was lolliepop something..

    I don't remember. Please add me and be my sis? Thx. I can trade a Lava Glove for ur worn if you got one. Thank you,


    P.S: Please give me some of your toys (besides wolf toy) if you have that. I would love that. Thank you!

  8. LOL! Funny thing when you say:

    Please don't prove if your a robot.

    LOL! So funny. :)


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