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Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Den Items

In Jam mart Furniture, you can buy the new icy banner:
Frozen Banner

In Sunken Treasures, you can buy the new statue:
Dolphin Venus Statue

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cowboy Hats! (Again)

I know I posted this already, but this time we have more pictures!

This new item is available at the Horses Only Party. Here are the colors you can buy them in:

Buddy Games Update

Now, when you play buddy games with someone, you and your opponent's animal will appear in the corners!

You can click these pictures to make them bigger.

New Cowboy Hat

In the Horses Only Party, you can buy the new Cowboy Hat!

ajrulezcutiecupcakesweetiepieafa gave me some info on it, since I couldn't get there myself. Here is the info I have:

Cost: 500 Gems
Recyle for: 150 Gems
Available: Horse Party (I said that already, I know)

A better picture coming when I can get into a Horse Party!

!ytraP slooF lirpA

:ytrap wen a si erehT

!ytraP slooF lirpA ehT

0kay, enough backwards typing... 

This new party is crazy! You are in an upside down castle, and you can walk in the sky! There is even invisible walls in the sky!

You can click in random places, and you will get things like clovers, cake, donuts, and horseshoes next to your animal!

Here is how it looks when you get in:

HeRe iS ThE iNsIdE:

There is upside down items, white spider floors, and purple candy walls!

Here !s more of the !ns!de:


Here is the downstairs. Or is it the upstairs?

And notice how the game machines are messed up! The Fruit Slinger machine is actually Eat 'Em Up

The Eat 'Em Up machine is really Sky High

And the Sky High machine is Fruit Slinger

The top and/or/and/or/and/or bottom:

Oh look! A shop floating in the bottom left corner of the sky!

Upside down items at weird prices!

Here is the left side of the party... I think

Here are some stairs, or as we call them in crazy land, "sraits"

Is this the top? I don't know!

A random swimming pool! Yay!

It looks like this crazy bunny has glitched themselves into the right corner of the sky!

Crazy waterfall? Is that you?


I sure hope that was enough craziness for you! ;)

I sure hope that you are as confused as I am! That's what makes it fun!

Okay, I'm done.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Horses Only Party

The new party is here - the Horses Only Party!

Unfortunately, this party is a members-only party, since you will need to be a horse. (And horses are members-only animals...)

Here is what it looks like when you get in:

Click the giant horseshoe to get a mini horseshoe next to your horse:

Here is the top floor, with a possible future item - the Horseshoe Rug!

Here is the top right corner, in case you were wondering:

There are two shops at this party:

Notice the cowboy hat,, bonnet, army helmet, and saddle. Those will probably be future items!

Here is the clothing shop:

These were the things that were on clearance... I am going to have to spot trusting AJ when they say things are on clearance... The clearance items seem to come right back every time.

Here is the den shop:

Yay, new items! I wonder why the barrels are available to everyone, even though nonmember Jammers can't even get in the party to buy them...

In the bottom corner is a mud pool:

Are you enjoying this new party?

Egg Hunt Help

Here is where to find all the eggs!

In Jamaa Township, by the Mira Statue:

In Appondale, by the tree:

In Mt. Shiveer, next to the bottom of the slide:

In Sarepia, in the trees:

In Coral Canyons, at the edge of the cliff to the right:

In the Lost Temple of Zios, by the water:

In Crystal Sands, by the aquarium:

In Canyons Pathway, by the entrance:

Now that you found all the eggs, you should get this message:

And then your prize...

They come in many different colors!

Here are the colors you can get:

And there is now a "Tail" section of the clothing inventory: