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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best Dressed and Wolf Party Glitch?

In the Sol Arcade is the new game machine for your den!
Best Dressed

I am glad they finally made a Best Dressed game machine! I won't have to go to Coral Canyons every time now!

And something weird happened when I went to the Wolf Party... The table didn't load!

Only the bowl of fruit had color, but everything else was just white. The teacups and candelabrum (or as I call them, candyluras) had patterns and things, but no color. I wonder what happened there... :\


  1. Replies
    1. Hi! Im ebony77658 on animal jam!! Some might know me, some might not. Well, i love your blog. Also, i think i might save this. I am on my ereader, so i will probally bookmark this. Thanks for the awesome news!!! -ebony77658

  2. -I am going to buy the Best Dressed arcade once I get online!
    -I never saw the Wolf Party glitch before...

    Also, I was wondering about the server of the party. Nile is a pretty popular server (I think.) Some Club Penguin bloggers post the empty server 5 minutes before the party so that you can make sure that it is empty. Or you can also post a not so popular server. This comment is just a suggestion.

  3. Wow weird and yay i have been watching for a best dressed, Your friend and fan ~EeveeRockz~

  4. finally!
    best dressed arcade machine!
    wonder if its x2 when u use arcade machine....

  5. Woah...weird glitch...
    I agree though, I do hope it still gives you double coins on the new Best Dressed arcade machine like in Coral Canyons. :P That would be sweet. But back to the glitch, did that happen just for a second, or was the table white the entire time you were at the Wolf's Only Party? Wow...some glitches are just so random.

    -Gabnmo :P

    1. @Best Dressed AM : Yes it does! That's what I love about games!

      @Lovelost : Will you ever make a wolf or bunny pack? I'll be the 1st to join if you do.

  6. What the- I see people in Coral Canyons and Sarepia Forest doing the walk on walls glitch! O.O

  7. Wait, some random person told me how to do the walk on walls glitch for Sarepia! Someone named swa told me. Please give swa and me credit for this if you wanna post it on your blog.
    1. Stand near the exit to go to Coral Canyons.
    2. Click near the slide.
    3. Click on someone's player card.
    4. Click any buddy game.
    5. Cancel.
    6. Then you should be on the wall in Sarepia. Right now, this glitch is working for others, but not me. Maybe I will get it later...

  8. Hey that happened to me with my green unbrella

  9. Cool. Today I'm sick. I have a cough, soar throat, tummyache, and headache. So there's a fair in my place- I can't go. (Because I'm sick). D:


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