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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dolphin Plushies? Shark Plushies? What?

Did you notice the claw machines in the Juice Hut, Theater, and Museum? Their look has been changed:

Take a really close look. I see a light blue dolphin plushie, a grey shark plushie, and a green sea turtle plushie!
You can't actually get these plushies in the claw now, but this is a hint that new ocean animal plushies are coming soon!

What do you think?


  1. I think you are right LoveLost!

  2. OMG Ya thats weird....I hope they come out woth claws underwater! Or maybe they'll come back in store! You never know!


  3. thts just plain weird O.o XD idk y aj hq made tht!!! but i hope it does mean tht there will be ocean plushies!! >=D!! btw lovelost, can u be meh friend on aj? i wanna be ur friend cuz i think ur nice not cuz of ur rares =)( im Anakin1190 look meh up!!)

  4. Nice new background! IT fits Spring PERFECTLY!
    And lol... over 300 people have already voted on your poll!


    1. Hai cheese/eagleeye :3 ♫♪ best buddie 4 ever!
      PS: it does totally have the spring feel to it!

  5. Oooo! I hope AJ puts more cute lil' plushies!! Oh and uh may I heard that there is a nm AJ HQ worker with the username beta bunny. And you know how sizzle rat you couldnt find her username? Well u could find this AJ HQ workers name. Also before the new clover blankets came out such as the light red color and the other beta colors, I seen this AJHQ worker around Christmas with those beta clover blankets!! I think AJ didn't want it to be obvious that that AJ HQ worker was a AJHQ worker. Strange huh? I also met her in appondale and I asked him/her if she/he knew what the changes would be to crystal sands and this was before crystal sands had the new building and she/he guesses it right! Cause I thought this was just a rumor but this person was actually right! I can kinda tell that this worker has no free chat because when he/she talked to me about the new building she/he couldn't spell it out correctly... So may this AJHQ worker is not fake. Well IDK though... Well I'll try to get more info if that AJHQ worker ever comes on... PS please reply! -mystery0113

  6. I hope they come out in the claw soon

    (i hope this is the first comment c:)

  7. It has always been like that. Its creepy... ~ScoopEarly~

  8. How cool! I never noticed. I can`t wait to see them if they do come out!

  9. If there is a turtle plushie, I'M SO GETTIN' ONE :D

  10. That is really cool. :) Happy Jamming!
    -Fawnfur :)

  11. wow this is awesome!Blogname-Chaos username in animaljam-GLITCHCACHE

  12. yes scoopearly is right it has always been like that...

  13. Oh my gosh I sent in an idea to AJ suggesting that they make ocean animal plushies!! I think they are going to use my idea!!

  14. I saw those plusheis too one day but i thought they were animals with pig sharp claws and teeth. gotta love stitching! :P
    PS~@RainbowRider~ They probly will use your suggjestion.It may seem HQ wasint listening,but they always do when it comes to great ideas! :D u rock ♫
    ANIMALJAM 4 EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I actually won one! :) I played for almost 2 hours:/

  16. r there any of those plushies in there anymore i aint wanna wait me no want to waittttttttttttt lol *laughs*

  17. i want some of those plushies ive never seen those ones before *thinks*...... just so you no you can find me on aj. my username is toriv09

  18. I don't think betabunny is an AJ HQ worker because they don't have dens and beta bunny has a den but it's locked


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