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Monday, March 19, 2012

Glitches, AJHQ Messages, And More

With new updates comes new glitches! Most of these glitches are random and annoying though.
And if you didn't know yet, all of the wall glitches using the new method no longer work.

The first glitch happened when I tried getting into the Lucky Party:

What happened here is they wouldn't let me in! Even though the party has been going on for about 2 minutes, it just kept saying 'This party starts in 0 minutes.'

And when I tried playing Temple of Trivia earlier, the game icon didn't show up.

I never know there was a giant ? there! I wonder what other secrets are hidden behind games... ;)

When I finally got to play, something was up with the scoreboard:

If you can't see what the problem is, the "100 gems" and "60 gems" on the scoreboard are highlighted green. After a few rounds, all of the green numbers disapeared. Weird... :\

AJHQ has been sending a lot of messages lately. Here are the two newest ones:

I have been searching everywhere, and found some Jam-a-Grams (and some unique Jam-a-Gram messages) from 2010. Here are some that I found:

This Jam-a-Gram has a special message from 2010's Halloween:

This one isn't all that cool, but it has a message that doesn't use an exclaimation mark, but uses a period:

This one is from when 2011 was coming:

This one shows the beta Mira Jam-a-Gram:
I wish they still had that Jam-a-Gram...

This one was (sort of) sendable this year for the Friendship Festival, but last year it was a bit different.

But this year, instead of saying "Kisses", it said "Freindship"

And then I noticed that a really weird Jam-a-Gram was sent to me.

It was on one of my other accounts, and must have been sent months ago since you can no longer put the "Party in my den!" message on Jam-a-Grams anymore. Where have I seen that picture before..? Oh yeah...
That weird clam picture is from the Journey Book:

Did you ever get that weird Jam-a-Gram before?


  1. the this party starts in 0 min. has happened to me before


  2. Snowflake SpiritstarMarch 20, 2012 at 12:55 AM

    I got that picture/Jam - A -Gram! And does this mean the Temple Of Zios glitch does not work anymore?


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  4. ***~Montyboy101~***March 20, 2012 at 2:01 AM

    whoa...... What the heck?!

    Also..... When you say "wht" it wull come up as 'what'!!! unless if you type "whtwhtwhtwht"

  5. I tried the "wht" thing... it works! And may, did you know that AJ HQ fixed all the glitches? Also, the game rules way of glitching, doesn't work anymore D: ~Koalanews

    1. AJ didn't fix all the glitch. The buddy list glitch still happens A LOT D:

    2. Oh that's good. Also, May? Could you maybe help me? I accidentally sold my Rare Top Hat from the leap year party :( ~Koalanews

    3. The buddy list glitch isn't good at all. :c
      I can try to get you another one!

  6. Empress VinelillyMarch 20, 2012 at 7:14 AM

    The walk on walls glitch is back in the temple of zios! it's the same. no changing animals, just click the window of the chamber of knowledge, then brady barr's door, over and over fast as you can until you walk up! :)

  7. Those are weird glitches!

    I got the "star", from playing Temple Of Trivia before, and (I don't know how this happened), but when I came out the star was stuck by the door! I moved toward the Phantom Pit, but the star stayed at the door. It was SO weird. o.O

  8. hi lovelost today i found the most weird thing ever while i was searching random names i searched the name "ten" and on the panda it has an item i never saw. its a type of a sword !
    -coolmind1999(this is discovered by me, manocat123 and traccy123)

    1. That item is called "Spartan Armor"

    2. Spartan armor never came with a sword at the side!

    3. It always did. If you don't believe me, buy one and put it on a panda ;)

    4. Yea, Sparten Armor alays came with a sword.... Now, if it DIDN'T have a sword, THAT would be rare...

    5. oh im so sorry i hope u forgive me im not a member so i hardly know wht sparten armor had once again im so sorry!

  9. None of these glitches happened to me, EXCEPT the one about the Temple of Trivia game icon not showing up. It happened to me, not Temple of Trivia, but I think Best Dressed (I kind of forgot which game.)

  10. I was a beta tester, then left for a long time. When I came back, in my inbox was the beta jam a gram. It just said "party....". You could do that back in beta, it was awesome :3

  11. I got the 0 minute glitch to... I cliced "DINNER PARTY" an it said, this party starts in 0 minutes. Then I Xed out of it, and it sid "Dinner Party" "1 minute"

  12. I once got that clam jamma-a-gram too!

  13. One time I saw I got a jam-a-gram and it was from one of my buddies who quit and her player card was grey... weird O,O ~redrubberduckies


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