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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Horses Only Party

The new party is here - the Horses Only Party!

Unfortunately, this party is a members-only party, since you will need to be a horse. (And horses are members-only animals...)

Here is what it looks like when you get in:

Click the giant horseshoe to get a mini horseshoe next to your horse:

Here is the top floor, with a possible future item - the Horseshoe Rug!

Here is the top right corner, in case you were wondering:

There are two shops at this party:

Notice the cowboy hat,, bonnet, army helmet, and saddle. Those will probably be future items!

Here is the clothing shop:

These were the things that were on clearance... I am going to have to spot trusting AJ when they say things are on clearance... The clearance items seem to come right back every time.

Here is the den shop:

Yay, new items! I wonder why the barrels are available to everyone, even though nonmember Jammers can't even get in the party to buy them...

In the bottom corner is a mud pool:

Are you enjoying this new party?


  1. Hey Lovelost? I don't know if you have, But have you been to an April Fools Party? Well it comes on tonight at 12:00 AM EST. I was wondering if this was the first of that particular party.. But I'm excited! I sooooo want to see it!! :D

  2. well..... i need to get a horse!

  3. there's an april fools party too!

  4. i like it but non members can't go ;(

  5. Hey may Ive seen many jammers with the cowboy hat on do you know where they might be gettting them????


  6. WAIT A SECOND! Why is there a nonmember item at the horse party when horses are members only!

  7. LoveLost, could you please try to get me one of those barrels? I'm a nonmember, and I'm trying to get every nonmember item. Could you please try to help me? Thanks. My username is: RaspberryYogurt

  8. i know why there is a non member item in the shop. It is because if a member buys it, they can give it to a non member to put in their den. (I don't know why someone without a horse would want a barrel, though)

  9. You should do a glitch page :3

  10. ...Yeah?? A nonmember item at a horse/members only party? Weird! Maybe you can just trade them to non members or something.

  11. The barrels are kind of cute, can you change the color of them?

  12. Cocoverstraelen2277April 1, 2012 at 2:06 PM

    See, it's Knights & Dragons!!! :D giddy UP! :P

    1. what the heck u talking about

  13. Umm...
    Is it true that they have legendary gloves sold here?
    Some liar member is telling me I can find a legend glove in the stores. Is this true? Reply soon plz


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