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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jam-a-Gram Limit?

While sending things from my storage, I got this message:

I guess now there is a Jam-A-Gram limit limit for each Jammer now. The limit is about 5.
If you try sending a Jam-a-Gram after you already sent 5 to someone in the same day, you will get that message. This can be a bad thing, but it also can be a good thing!
Good things
 -No one can repeatedly send you Jam-a-Grams just to annoy you now
- If you somehow were hacked, the hacker would have a hard time sending your things :P

Bad things
- It is harder to get items from your storage account
- You can't send your friends a ton of gifts anymore

You still can trade with Jammers as much as you want, so if you need to send more gifts, you will have to trade with the other person.


  1. Oh, great... Another one of AJ's BRILLIANT ideas. This will help LOADS... @_@

    1. I agree, AJ is kinda making it worse for everyone, especially when making new animals. They said you can make gems of it now... The truth is that you're losing gems. Maybe AJ is doing this to keep people playing.

    2. ikr i got that same thing. this is getting annoying

    3. Its kinda bad and kinda good. I love sending gifts to my friends. And Its good because people cant bug others anymore

  2. That happend to me too. Ya sometimes its annoying :L

  3. D: There goes my gold shop in epic wonders. 5 the limit D:

  4. this happend 2 me 2!! huh.. that's very wired...

  5. PROS:
    Yay! My friends on AJ are constenctly sending me the same postcard.. So that's a good that :3

    Now I can't send a lot of stuff to my storage account! :(

  6. OMG, that just makes me so mad...... I could just scream! eee!

    1. I know right! Its sooooo not fair!

  7. Hmm, that didn't happen to me, it must be one of those weird messages like..."This item isn't available anymore!" or... "This room has been closed."

  8. ANOTHER reason for me to quit!!!
    just tried it out....
    I agree, Sheesh4, and I totally am thinking 'Geez, animal jam is getting un-fun every day :(( Its like the HQ hates Rex16000!
    I'll still be getting on, though......

  9. D:
    AJ has a lot of stuff that needs working on.
    By the way, LoveLost, you wrote "limit" 2 times L0L.

  10. Cocoverstraelen2277March 28, 2012 at 2:50 PM

    March items- Gone? D: No way!! 0.0 Well who can reply to THIS:

    After or ON July I'm going to Alantis Bahamas WHOOT WHOOT!!!!!!!! So update is tomorrow on Animal Jam? Does that mean there's new news?

  11. Cocoverstraelen2277March 28, 2012 at 2:54 PM

    Yeah YingYang I noticed that too! :)) xD

  12. This is so annoying i cant tell people where im going and whats the point of it anyway are they just trying to make it boring. Sorry about that long comment i got scammed this morning ya.......... P.S.your blog is totally awesome i love it

  13. maybe there is somebody who hacked in the cmputer of animal jam headqueters i don't know how to spell it but what ever and make it un fun! ='(

  14. I was jamagramming my friend and that popped up so I couldn't jag her anymore and she sent me a jag asking if I was ignoring her


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