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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There is nothing new in Jamaa today - no new clothing, no new den items, nothing.

This could be because the next update is tomorrow. In that case, here are some reminders.
All of the clearance items and Lucky Day items will be gone!

Here are the locations of all the items you should pick up before it's too late:

Clover Earmuffs - Mt. Shiveer (Hot Cocoa Hut)
Clover Blanket - Jam Mart Clothing
Clover Balloon - Jam Mart Clothing
Clover Trident - Bahari Bargains
Clover Cape - Bahari Bargains
Clover Skirt - Bahari Bargains
Clover Necklace - Bahari Bargains
Angel Wings - Jam Mart Clothing
Unicorn Horn - Jam Mart Clothing
Elf Bracelets (Cuffs) - Jam Mart Clothing
Jammer Anthem - Music Shop
Clam Shell Chair - Kani Cove (Sunken Treasures)
Clam Shell Ottoman - Kani Cove (Sunken Treasures)

Those items will not be available again for a long time (some of them might never come back!), so it's a good idea to buy them while you still can.


  1. I'm a member next mmonth so i can't get any of these :( All I want is angel wings adn cuffs but no one seems to trade me :( -KoalaNews

    1. I can trade you items. Add me: Fawnfur :)

    2. I will Koala :) ~EeveeRockz~

    3. I sent you cuffs & angel wings ~EeveeRockz

    4. Pokemon rocks!


      My fav of those is Glaceon!

  2. Empress VinelillyMarch 28, 2012 at 6:53 AM

    the club geoz walk on walls glitch is back! if only i knew how to do it... i just saw some jammers up there but when i asked how, they said bacon grease, magic and friendship power!

  3. lets hope the update is good

  4. I bought a lot of each item. XD

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  6. LoveLost,
    You forgot one thing...the Leprechaun Hat! Just a reminder.

  7. AHHHHHHHH!!!! I can`t use AJ today. So there goes my chance... I might ask my brother to get them for me. Thanks for reminding me anyway. Your blog is very, very helpful.

  8. its me, meowlive. i hope you really can help me decide this, but.....i'm thinking about quitting animal jam. its been a great game, but its just getting worse and worse than before. everything before was FINE. i'm really gonna miss everything and everyone here, and its been a hard decision, but if any of my buddies are reading this, please don't get mad at me.... i'm gonna miss you too.... maybe you can persuade me, but i'm not so sure about that..... ;( so....this could be my final goodbye, but i might go on sometimes.....

    1. If you are concerned about being a member, ask your parents for it for x-mas, your b-day, easter, etc. I know it can be hard when all that member stuff is constantly reminded, and when other jammers are mean. But don`t worry, because everyone can have fun lounging with their friends in their den and chatting.

  9. I wonder what will be the update. Some people in Jamaa Township start to say "THE WORLD WILL END!!!" "GOOD BYE MOMMY!!" Lol it gets awkward sometimes!

  10. My GOD! The update could go ANY SLOWER! >=D Btw heyyyy I'm yhur new biggest fan<3 BLAHAHA ^=^ I love your blog! I started making one just bc yhur blog and AJrapids inspired me! <3 THANKS YHU GUYS ROCK<3^=^ I'll comment often<33 add me on Aj if yhur like ppl^=^ TheWaffleNinja <--Just got a membership^=^<3 THANKS AGAIN!<3^=^


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