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Friday, March 23, 2012

New Column

IN Sunken Treasures, the underwater furniture shop, you can buy the new column for your new Lost Ruins den!

Ever since the new den arrived, I have been waiting for an item like this to come out!


  1. I am going to buy one right now!
    P.S. I just got a new record today! This morning, I got 9 buddy requests in the mail, including one Jam-a-Gram saying "I really like your den!" Caraballoc (the one that sent me the Jam-a-Gram) thanks! ;)

  2. Eh 1st comment (I think)

  3. Well it's kinda going to go with my new den

  4. oooh i apsalutly adore tht den im going to buy it i got 23089 gems ive been saving gems from 2010 too 2012 it was exosting like i got to earn gems in fruit slinger in 2010 it use to be the game where there were no oceans and it was the fastest way to earn gems
    so was the game in crystal sands i wish i still had my beta clothes all of a sudden they just where gone im so sad about it i swear i was there in beta


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