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Friday, March 30, 2012

New Cowboy Hat

In the Horses Only Party, you can buy the new Cowboy Hat!

ajrulezcutiecupcakesweetiepieafa gave me some info on it, since I couldn't get there myself. Here is the info I have:

Cost: 500 Gems
Recyle for: 150 Gems
Available: Horse Party (I said that already, I know)

A better picture coming when I can get into a Horse Party!


  1. Can't wait to get on animal jam! THankies<3 ^=^ =P

  2. love lost what item can cost as recycle for 1000 dollars i will send you one if you need me to:)

  3. I know, my friend, ScartheLion showed me his brown Cowboy Hat. :)

  4. For some reason my computer won't load animal jam I can't even get to the home page! tradgeck lol

  5. omg imagine how cute that would be on a bunny FIRST COMMENT YAY!~pu94000

  6. ok what up with this?: i logged in at 352 pm central time and bam! its offline. this is off topic, but ?

  7. AJ is under maintenance again. I wonder what`s happening? The update just came...

  8. lots today lots lots sure is lots lol

  9. Hello Lovelost,
    i know Ajrulezcutiecupcakesweetiepieafa she used to be my buddy but i lost her.Im trying to ad her again but seems like she forgot me.can you tell her if she remembers me/My username is Cupck if you can i would really like that :)

  10. WAAAAH!AJ sure has a veeery long name! 0.0 and i also know a name that is super long and i dont get the username of this jammer:mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i just random searched and look!hahahahahah!its a weird username!


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