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Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Den!

There is a new underwater den you can buy!

Here is a look inside:

Thanks to tech66 for telling me.

If you want to see how big it is and all, you should check out tech66's den! ;)


  1. Thank you LoveLost for credit. The new den is very cool! :)

  2. Want to hear something strange? I was at the Heatwave Party, and I clicked the catalog of the items they were selling, and it got me in the Touch Pool game! I exited out, but then got the loading glitch!

  3. second comment!! i've never gotten to do the SECOND one :D nice blog! so prtty den! thanks for showing that to us!!!!!

  4. Guess what? I just figured out Heatwave party glitch!! -dances-

  5. Hey guess what? As we speak I'm in your den! (not Tech66, I'm in LoveLost's) But I did check out Tech66's :) ~KoalaNews

  6. Dear Lovelost, you probably already know this but they came out with a newspaper today and it says in a few weeks you cant buy monkeys anymore!


  7. Dear Lovelost today was the second time of meeting Aapen1 (First time I was asked to trade a item in stores for one of my rares :c)
    So today.. I meet him in one of my friend's den I started to talk to him and I said ''My friend told me you scammed her'' he said ''WHAT!''
    And I said ''You also tried to scam me..'' then I said to my friend ''Hey watch this video it shows aapen1 scamming somebody'' then he said ''I'M BANNING YOU BOTH YOU SCAMMED ME!'' so.. is he nice to you?

  8. I have news...
    I'm quitting animaljam....

    If you get on webkinz, (don't say its dumb! l o l) See ya there :l

  9. So happy that the new ocean den came out!!! (: I`m going to get that once I scrape up enough money to dress up my jelly fish and it, which will take a long, long time. (;

  10. whttttttttttttttt animal jam is so awesome why u quitting animal jam i gonna miss u lol

    1. Lol I'm not anymore XD Wait do you mean me?? lolz

      Rex16000 (I'm not anymore... Hey lovelost, I met you on AJ once but you didnt know which was me, I bet... All black with brown splotched wolf? Its my lucky look but I changed it. Speaking of looks, I noticed Blossom's newl ook :))

  11. HOW DO YOU GET THE DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!


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