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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Glitch Method

Remember my post about the Icy Den Glitch? (Click here)

You can finally do the glitches AGAIN!

The wall glitches are even easier this time! And you can do it in almost every room!

Follow the instructions in that post, but instead of clicking the game machine and all that, here is what you do:

Click on somebody, and click any buddy game:

It doesn't matter which one you pick, as you won't actually be playing a buddy game.

When this pops up, instantly click "Cancel"

If you did it fast enough, you should be on the wall!

You can explore with this method if you want.

You can try finding glitches in other dens, lands, and rooms!

Here are some pictures:

Me on the door in the aquarium:

You can go under the wood in the aquarium:

Me and my storage jumping on balloons:

Playing with the parrot fish:

In the touch pool:


  1. It is a cool glitch, isn't it! :D

    I was in 2 pictures, first you sent a buddy game request to my storage, then my real account is in the last picture. :D

  2. Aw man! Everytime you're online I'm offline!!

  3. I did the glitch super fast it still doesn't work

  4. I've mastered the method :D So I'm good :3

  5. hi LoveLost! I was just wondering how to do the Tierny's Aquarium glitch. If you could post it that would be great. Thanks,

  6. where do we stand though?


  7. um do you click the wall then do it?? or do u do it randomly...

    Sorry for caps, i got excited, LOL.
    Well, I hope this is the first comment.
    Anyways, back on subject L0L.
    the glitch is so awshum!

  9. Thx for the info lovelost i rlly aprecciate it and can u buddy me my user name is ilovegir817

  10. I find it hilarious when i see that little blue bunny and think " oh grand magicwinner is totally tech." sorry i just needed to blurt it 0ut..

    Warriorcatlover (tommorrow i wont be greenstar or greenstart anymore in my clan.. >:*( [im pretty sure] )

  11. It won't work for me, I go to the buddy games, Click a game and cancel quickly but I still don't get it! Could you put up another post to like show us how to do one glitch at a time? Because I'm really confused!!! D:

  12. Thx for telling me becuz i love the coral canyons one!! Weeper8 :3

  13. hey witchbunnyhat you have a AWESOME blog just to tell ya and plus i luv ur glitchs ok bye ( dragon4ever208 )

  14. That would explain why everyone kept sending me requests to play a game and canceling it in madjaster's den! Thanks I will try this.

  15. i met you like 1 min ago. but you went to this person called maggie1520's den..


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