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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Octopuses and Stuff!

Finally, Octopuses are here!

When AJ first starts to load, it will look like this:

Almost all den items have a bigger and cleaner appearance (mainly noticeable with wallpapers and floors)

April's Monthly Gift will be a Hot Cocoa Machine:

These are the winning badges for the badge contest:

I like the way they turned out!

And as mention in a previous post, you can now write your own things in Jam a Grams!

And there is a new game you can play with your pet dog!

Here is the new Jam a Gram:

You can also leave your messages black! ;)

There is a Journey Book page for Sarepia and a new Horse Only Party!

There is also an egg hunt!

New posts will be made with a guide to the Egg Hunt and the Journey Book, and a tour of the Horse Party.

You can go to the Hot Cocoa Hut and vote for the new t-shirt designs:

Epic Wonders has a bunch of gold bars on the floor for some reason:

Now for the new items!

In Jam Mart Clothing...

Jester Hats are back, and come in 4 new colors!

In Sunken Treasures...

A new and expensive Octopus submarine!

AJ screwed up the clearance items again, too...

In the Music Shop, the Jammer Anthem was on clearance for an entire month, and is still there!

Instead, they took away 2 other musics! Why do they put things on clearance, and then bring them right back?

Clover Tubes are also back in Sunken Treasures, which have been gone for about 2 weeks, and suddenly appeared again!

And the Barrel Sponge is also back, and it's glitched!

It turned really small, and the bubbles go off the screen!


  1. dear love lost i found out really cool glitch with the gram a gam chat thingy on my cousins acount and i found out you can all most say any thing!!! i tryed to do a bad word it worked!!!!! please it me know if you wanna the glitch ps i did not send the word to any one

    please i have send you a gram a jam on my cusins thing! the user is asdfghjkl0440

  2. new horse party and egg hunt also the journey book in sarepia forest ~ Twinklelittleninja
    Too lazy to log-in to my blogger account :P

  3. Replies
    1. you are right...

  4. LoveLost I Don't Know If You Know About This But The Barn Ropes In Jam Mart Furniture Are Now White Only!!! Its 175 Gems And It's Labeled As Rope. Hope This Helps :p ~Alycat56

  5. Woohoo!<3 ^=^ Gosh had to leave as soon as I got on the computer! The octopuses are BEASTY! I like their danceB) HaHa! ^=^

  6. I hope they do bunny only parties soon.

  7. HAY go to the snowy paw prints lovelost i need a answer please! do you want my rares or not? i love your blog :)

    (That's the word for non-outlined shapes, I know I am a computer, um, I don't know the right word, how about whiz?)

  9. Yay! I kept trying to get on and see the update from 1-3 AM and there was no result. But now.. yaysters!!! My little bro, dabnjab2 is super excited about the egg hunt! (:

  10. Cocoverstraelen2277March 29, 2012 at 11:23 AM

    Amazing! I'm going to check it out right now! :)

  11. Octopi is for members...


  12. I love the update!
    I FOUND SOMETHING. Now if you click "Sort By.." on your own player card to see a clothing, there is a tail option! Does this mean that there will be more tail items in the future?

  13. Lovelost! Lovelost!
    There is journey book for sapria forest.
    In clothing, Click sort by..THERE IS TAIL!!!

  14. It says typing messages is currently being tested by members only! :(

  15. Hmm...Maybe it's glitched out by bringing stuff back? Maybe these items will only be here until the maybe glitch goes away :O

  16. Actually, writing your own letters is 'currently being tested by members only'. Daaaang it, I was looking forward to being able to write my friends about what time to get on.
    -.- Writing our own letters BETTER be available to non-members soon, or I might have to punch myself in the face . . .

  17. Please post a guide to Sarepia Forest soon!! I am having so much trouble finding all of the animals.

  18. love, i have a glitch and something else, when u put a shark tooth necklace on a octopus it turns all brown, and another thing there is also a april fools party


  19. And i know what the prize for the forest is... its a small tree house



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