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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Princess Castle Glitch

If you didn't see the glitch in the Snow Fort den, be sure to scroll down!

Here is how to walk on the walls in the Princess Castle den! This glitch was originally discovered by me.

Like in the last post, you will need a game machine in the place I put one.

Start here:

Click in the very bottom-left corner.

While your animal walks, you will ne to click the game machine. (Quickly)

Quickly click "Rules"

Click on the X in the corner if the rules, and you should be on the walls!

Here are some random picures:

Standing on the rose bush:

On the strawberry clouds:



  1. there another one! coral canyons. if u come to my den at 4 pm ill teach you how

  2. Yay! The walk on wall glitches invade AJ again! ;)

  3. What den was that?

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  5. Hello LoveLost, I figured out how to WALK on the slide in
    Mt. Shiveer!

  6. haha i love that top hat! i have decided not to quit!!! i have something VERY important to ask you when i see you.

  7. why did you post the glitches -jasterz

  8. i figured out how to do a sky glitch in mt. Shiveer!!!! please read this lovelost and post it so people can see it!!!! here are the steps:

    1. go to mt. shiveer
    2. stand above the cave where you find the gold for the adventure book... it is to the left of the ice slide.

    3. click the ground just below the game gem breaker wich is near the fire.

    4. click gem breaker right after you click the ground

    5. go to the rules and then exit!

    if you do it correctly you should be standing somewhere near where you find the gold!!!!
    if you do post this lovelost... then would you please say i found this one out... my username is bigfoot2001... thanks hope you like it!!!! pleas try it out.. thanks.. big fan of yours :)

    1. I found the Mt. Shiveer glitch myself already. :<

      I know the glitch for all rooms other than Crystal Sands

    2. Hey, thanks for telling me the glitch bigfoot2001!

  9. ok just thought if you didn't know i would give it to you anyway thanks!!!

  10. I just found out the Appondale glitch! :D

  11. do you know the trade party glitch? you go right to the top over the ladder and then go left till you come to the end of the top floor then you click the ground outside between the snow and the fireplace and while your animal is running you click the claw closest to the ladder then click no when your animal reaches the ladder and then you will run on the walls but dont click anything until you go on the walls and your on the glitch i know its hard to explain but you MIGHT get it good luck :)

  12. There's a new Coral Canyons glitch!


  13. ~Mli2001

    That was SOOOO helpful!!! Your are so nice witchHatbunny-Oops i mean Lovelost!...Bye bye now!!! :D

  14. Using this stradegy, you can walkin in the sky in any room with games!

  15. crystal sandz has a glitch, but its really hard...

  16. hi lovelost did you know most of the glitches are back! There is 2 in coral canyons. 1 in sarpiea. the club geoz rooftop glitch too. the mt.shivver gltich. and the castle den glitch(the gray pale one).


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