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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Viking Hat Price Change and Deep BLue Music

I noticed recently that Viking Hats can now be recyled for 150 gems. They used to only recyle for 45 gems...

During beta, Viking Hats were bought at 150 gems. But now you can sell them for 150... So that means, if they were to come back to stores, they would cost 400 or 450 gems. And as Rare Mondays usually highers the prices of the rares they bring back, this could be hint that Viking Hats come back soon for Rare Mondays! ;)

Though, there is no way to know for sure. Sometimes you just can't trust bunnies in a red top hat. :L

Also, you can get Deep Blue music for your den in the Music Shop:


  1. I LOVE your logic! ;)

  2. *STEALZ GREENMAX'S FRIEZ! MUAAAAAA HAAAA HAA *eats all of the in n Out friez!*

  3. It's cool how you always put the new stuff up here. Everyone will always know whats new! Thanks for blogging!


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