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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wolf Party

There is a new party - the Wolf Only Party!

You can't be any other animal but a wolf in this party.

Here is what it is like when you get in:

It will automatically transform you into your wolf.

If you don't have a wolf and try to get in to the party, you will get this message:

If you try to switch your animal to a non-wolf, you will get this message:

Click this to open a shop:

Here is what they sell:

There is a claw machine here too!

This claw machine is a wolf plushie~only machine.

You can stand by the lava and get your wolf red and firey:

You can also do the "Icy Glitch" here -

1. Go to Appondale
2. Get completely muddy in the mud spring
3. Quickly go back to the wolf party
4. Go by the lava

Your wolf should be all red!

The sky and setup of the volcano is different:

I forgot to mention, this party also has new music!
Click the big moon to get a mini moon next to your wolf:

You can also walk behind these rocks, unlike in the volcano dens:

I hope you enjoy this party!

Also, in Sunken Treasures, there is new things:

The update didn't come the same time as the new items, so my schedule got mixed up... :|


  1. OMG! i can go into the wolf party!!! I can only be a bunny and a seal. i can't access my other animals because my membership expired. but i guess i can still go in cause i was a wolf when i was a member. i LOVE the party! bye bye jammers!

  2. Wow that's so cool Im kinda mad because my inventory is full so I coulnt get anything:(. And no one will let me have one ,when they had 10!!!!

    Lauren4321 (my animal jam user)

    1. I suggest having a storage. It is really convenient.

  3. NOTICE: My internet is making trouble, so I may go online or offline sometimes...

  4. heyo! do u think a glitch might be in the wolves only party? it would be cool :)

  5. Hey, I found the muddy glitch too! :D Tech66, for you I just used the icy glitch with lava... lol and anyway, I commented on the lava glitch on another past post... :P

  6. there are more than 1 color for the full moon window, can u post all the colors??

    1. well......maybe she doesnt want too.She works hard you know! ~OakPelt

  7. guess what? the user: N1LLA has nm bat wings for trade!!!!!!!

  8. I know where this is going... I'm sure AJ will make a members only party :(

  9. Hi lovelost, i don't know where tofind wolf party items for my blog.

  10. hi lovelost! its nattyboo1229! please add me on animaljam. i have been trying to add you but your buddir list is always full. so if you can please add me on animaljam

  11. Dude! I saw a SEAL in the wolf party no kidding! Crazy Crazy Glitch, if anyone knows this glitch, let me know I am Whiteseal12 (whiteseal twelve)


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