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Monday, April 30, 2012

Rares Mondays

The rare for Rare Mondays is in Jam Mart Clothing again, this time on the second-to-last page.

This is a "rare version" of the item Pigtails.

I have been working on a new page. The page will have a number of glitches that still work. Most of the glitches on the page are glitches with clothing. If you have any glitches that you think I don't know, please let me know in the comments!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


There is a new item today at Sunken Treasures - Compass!

And at the Spooky Party is a new Phantom Necklace!

I sure hope the beta item Skullys come back! For those of you who don't know, Skullys are items that when on your animal's tail back when AJ was in beta testing. They looked like this:

Unfortunately, there is no Skullys on AJ anymore.
AJHQ took them out of AJ completely.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Duck Pillow and Bat Pets

You can get a pillow for your duck pets in the Pet Shop!

Duck Pillow

And you can get the new Ghost Window at the Spooky Party!

And in my last post, I mentioned how to get bat pets in the Spooky Party. 
It turns out, I was misinformed. :L

You are supposed to click on the bat on the wall...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Glitch Pets!

For some reason, the Pet Finder is being glitchy, and appears in random spots around Jamaa.

Click to the left of my bunny in the picture, and this should show up...

You can actually buy a bunny pet in Jam Mart Furniture!

This was discovered by DoomDesire.

You can also do this to get bat pets! First you need to get to a Spooky Party.
Click the rip in the wallpaper by the ghost window a few times.

(The place you need to click is in the top left corner of the picture)

And this will show up:

Royal Tiara and Bahari Bargains Glitch

New Items

There is finally a new item in the clothing part of Epic Wonders!

This item is called the Royal Tiara. It sparkles, just like the diamond rings do. Here is what it looks like on a bunny:

I sure hope we will get more clothing items in Epic Wonders!

NOTICE: There is most likely some new items at the Spooky Party. If there is, I will have pictures up as soon as I get them!


I noticed while going to Bahari Bargains, that the doors are glitched! When you mouse over the doors, there's another layer of doors!

That sure isn't supposed to happen! There new was two sets of doors to Bahari Bargains...

Any other glitches you found lately?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Furniture Store glitch

To see the last post about the Spooky Party, click here

This glitch was found in the Furniture Store, in the ALDAN server.

Near the lower part of the room, where I'm standing, start clicking randomly around there.

The rabbit Pet Finder should pop up.

Spooky Party

The Spooky Party is here! It takes place in a Haunted Mansion den.

Here is a graveyard:

There is a room covered in misty fog:

If you stand in the mist, you turn into a ghost!

The Appondale mud glitch no longer works unfortunately, so you can't turn completely invisible.

That's about the most see-through you can get.

There is three shops in this party. Here is the Furniture Shop:

They have two new items - Floating Candle and Scary Organ, as well as the return of the Skull Tombstone.

Here is the Music Shop:

Now you can buy the Old Spooky Bones music again!

And the clothing shop:

A new item - Phantom Balloon! The beta item Skull Helmet is back. And Scary Masks and Scary Bell Hats from Halloween.

If you click the moon, a bunch of bats come out!

And if you click the dirt in the shape of a ghost, you can get a minighost next to your animal:

New Jamaa Journal

The update is here, and that means there is a new Jamaa Journal!

There is a new pet game called Sssssnake! If you click the picture of the snake, you get this message:

It's cool how you can get to places from the newspaper now.

Here is what the game looks like:

Here's page two:

Finally, there is an underwater version of Best Dressed! And there is a new party, the Spooky Party!

To get to the underwater Best Dressed, go to the top-right of Bahari Bargains, and find this door:

Now click the purple game icon!

Here is the artwork for the game:

There is only one unreleased item that they show.

They go on your animal's flipper/fins. They will probably be released soon!

Here are some pictures of the game:

(Click to make them larger)

Here is page 3 of the newspaper:

Now we know what the monthly gift in May will be - a Phantom Invasion machine for your den!

And there is a Journey Book page for Appondale now! They even revealed the prize - Acacia Pet Tree!

I plan to have a page or blog for all the Journey Book pages soon.

Page 4:

Just a little reminder to get bunny pets before they are gone.

They also put another secret message thing. 

The secret word is...

Giraffes will hopefully soon be available in Jamaa!  We might have to wait a month though...

Page 5:

The contest winner is Miss Cleverclaw! You can buy her special item in Jam Mart Furniture:

There is two new items in the Pet Shop as well:
Grass With Worms and Duck Crossing Sign

They made the pet game icons green:

And let's not forget the clearance items! Most of them will probably come back in 3 weeks...

In Jam Mart Clothing...

In Bahari Bargains...

In Sunken Treasures...

There is a new report button for typed Jam a Grams.