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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bunny Pets, Glitches, And Stuff

The new bunny pets are here!

To get a bunny pet, head over to Coral Canyons, and find this area to the right:

Click the pink bunny icon to open this menu:

Choose the colors you want for your bunny, and then give it a name.

It will cost 400 gems.

Here is my bunny:

If you click on your bunny, it will play in a magic hat!

Bring you bunny to the Pet Stop in Claws 'N Paws to dress it up!

Here are the things you can put on your bunny (you can only choose one in each section):

Then click Next to buy this stuff for your bunny.

You will actually need 300 gems to buy the accessories, even though it says you only need 200.

Click your animal picture and then Pets to open this menu:

They added a pet shop button and a pet stop button to the pet menu!

Enjoy your new bunnies! ;D

And I noticed something when I chose a server:

Everything was Aldan and Chimbu! That's odd...

Tech66 told me about  a new option in the Sort By menu:

The new option is "Item". What it does, is it sorts your items by what kind of item it is. The different kinds of top hats get sorted together:

This certainly makes it easier to find a specific item in your inventory!

They also seem to sort them by Holidays.

The Day of the Phantom Stuff is at the bottom, the Feast of Thanks stuff is in the middle, and the Jamaaliday things are at the top!

They also sort items like regular creature masks with the beta creature masks.


  1. go to my blog peoplez its awesome!!! http://animaljammonthly.blogspot.com/

    i made some improvements so its ten times better now!!!

  2. Thanks for the credit! ;D

  3. thanks for telling me where the bunnies are i was about to cry cause no one would tell me thanks alot.

  4. Lovelost, I have a globe from the old coral canyons shop, and today it changed. Now it is a bronze kind of color and it has a blue base. Does that mean that they are going to be released soon as something different. If you want to see it go to my den. -jojods

  5. Hey LoveLost I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BLOG!!!:D :) I check on it practically every day cuz ur ALWAYS updating. I have a blogger blog myself (http://wonderwhynews.blogspot.com/) and I wanted 2 know a few things about having one. Well, I have over 2000 views (I know thats probably sooo baby 4 u.lol) but I want to know how to get more views. And, what do u think would be a good news topic? (since we do news) Also, it would mean a lot if u could visit my blog and check it out! OMG that would be so awesome. Thanks!
    -Calander500 (my aj username)
    P.S I run it with my friends so my sign name on it is WWN OWNER and it's a class blog so if you don't understand things thats why!!

  6. Lovelost I have a Very Very Important Question:
    If you put a picture in Jammer Creations, will it take that picture off your picture folder? I made a really good one to put up there, and I really like it. If the answer is no and it makes it up there, watch for Leaping Magicdog or Happy Kookyelephant! It has a black wolf on a cliff.

    1. Not to worry, if you submit a picture, it will stay on your computer.

    2. Thanks :D

  7. If you click the little paw button next to the monkey flag in Jamaa Township, it tells facts about endangered species. ^.^

  8. in the ocean there are writing desks now :3 luv da blog btw

  9. :3 Just to let you know dydre has the Pirate Sword now. It looks like CeleneForest traded it for two worns and a beta old blanket.. T-T
    I'm guessing dydre is a good friend of hers. :/

  10. Mira Says is x2 gems and Super Short is x3 gems ^_^

  11. princessfuffy the red panda luverApril 12, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    OMG! your bunny is darnest cute thing ever!

  12. lovelost the new writing dent in kini cove for the new item ok bye im maggie1520

  13. what are brown pilly hats worth?

  14. Hi! My friend recently told me about your blog and i LOVE it!!!:D



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