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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kani Cove Music

You can get Kani Cove music at the music shop now!

I hope they let us buy the wolf party music...


  1. Yea I like he Wolf Party Music... I love your blog too!

    1. yeah i know right wolf party music is awesome :D

  2. There's Deep Blue music, I odn't think its quite new but you may have posted'bout it already


  3. lovelost, i know your buddy list is full......... sorry........ but i really want to be your buddy..... sorry.......... well anyway, i hope they have wolf only party music to.

  4. I really want Art Studio music! D:

    1. Yea Ikr? The Art Studio music pretty... But even if they made Art Studio music, I wouldn't be able to get it ; w ;

  5. Cocoverstraelen2277April 11, 2012 at 10:52 AM

    How do you TYPE solid dots?? Like, I mean, the cat you typed up there, how do you do the solid dot? Please reply!!!!

  6. its the last day to get a monkey! and your party is coming soon!

  7. where is the music shop?

  8. Hey Lovelost! Okay, so i was searching random usernames becuase i was bored and when i searched the user "Animaljam" a bunny came up with a beta top hat! Also, when i searched the username "Eagle" a wolf came up with a nonmember sword! :) Love your blog <3

  9. I like Blossom Berryflower's NM look :D I dunno how new it is, but I noticed it today :)

    Rex16000~P.S. Can you meet me on Ramu, Sawtooth, Kilaminjaro, or the one thats avalible tommorow at 4:00 if I have no homework?

  10. Found a new glitch.. Actually a double glitch..
    Be any animal. Change animals. But put the Change Your Look thingy up. When the change is complete, the square window will show the animal you just were.
    That's just Glitch ONE!
    X-out the Change your look. Peek at your animal.
    I was just my all-black wolf.
    In MY case, I've got a black elephant!
    Enjoying it now!
    ~Rex16000~ If you post this, I dont care if you give me credit but you can ;)

  11. Hey LoveLost I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BLOG!!!:D :) I check on it practically every day cuz ur ALWAYS updating. I have a blogger blog myself (http://wonderwhynews.blogspot.com/) and I wanted 2 know a few things about having one. Well, I have over 2000 views (I know thats probably sooo baby 4 u.lol) but I want to know how to get more views. And, what do u think would be a good news topic? (since we do news) Also, it would mean a lot if u could visit my blog and check it out! OMG that would be so awesome. Thanks!
    -Calander500 (my aj username)
    P.S I run it with my friends so my sign name on it is WWN OWNER and it's a class blog so if you don't understand things thats why!!!

  12. You can buy a Sawhorse den item in the Horses Only Party!

  13. Hello LoveLost :D , I have a quick Question for you ^_^, OK I want a royal bad but im a afraid when i trade someone they come out the next day when do you think royals will come back?

    ~Please Reaspond

    With all love
    ~A Stranger :3

  14. my friend goldenshock got hacked only has horse necklace and house left! please send her gifts and unwanted items~coolcat790 ps have you got the black giant wolf plushie i sent you love lost!

  15. hey when i brought my bunny i went to the pet panel and now it has pet stop and pet shop links at bottom


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