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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Monkey Hats

Monkey Hats are back in Jam Mart Clothing!
Monkey Hat

You can also buy the new bone at the pet store:
Dog Bone


  1. Hey lovelost did you know? there is a new atlantis party!

  2. Lovelost, you know those green beta globes? Well, I had one of them. When I went on today, it changed it's appearence. Now it looks really weird. If you want to see how it looks now, come to my den. I don't know why animaljam would change how a beta item looked. I liked the old way better, now it's this big, ugly globe thing. ☹ -harryjpotter122

  3. Oh at the atlantis party there are above water den items inside bubbles for underwater dens! There are also new underwater clothing! -harryjpotter122

  4. I am so scared right now, since animal hats are coming back! I just got my panda hat. I NEED MY RARES BACK!!!! Just to let you know :3


  5. There's also a new jamaa gram :D BUNNIES!

  6. LoveLost, I have a question. Since the Monkey Hats came out, is there a sign that Panda Hats will come out soon?

    1. Well anything is possible right? It COULD be a possible sign. Or it could be because Monkeys became endangered. It's Animal Jam's choice :D
      Hope This Helps!
      P.S. I made a new blog :D

  7. LoveLost!!!

    Ok so I was in my den today, and it was the sunken ship den, and I had just finished redecorating. I had that crack in the seafloor with bubbles coming out of it, and I was sitting on that couch and all of the sudden, it was like... the crack was like, as if I had moved it, and I still COULD move it and roatate it! It was so weird!

  8. my blog just got updated... so did the URL: http://animaljammonthly.blogspot.com/

    my new URL hope u luv teh blog bye jammers!


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